The main role in “Battle angel” will play Rosa Salazar

The main role in “Battle angel” will play Rosa Salazar

The main role in the film adaptation of the popular manga “Battle angel” will play Rosa Salazar, familiar to viewers from the films “the maze Runner 2: Trial by fire” and “Divergent, Chapter 2: Insurgent”. This is with reference to the sources of Sovi reports Collider.

It is alleged that 30-year-old actress managed to push all of his rivals, among whom were Mike Monroe, Zendaya and Bella Thorne. It should be noted that previously, the main contender was considered to be Zendaya. Production schedule of the project has not yet been clarified, since, according to some reports, the Studio 20th Century Fox is committed to significantly reduce its budget, estimated at 175 to 200 million dollars.

Recall that the action of the source takes place in a future where the world is divided into two levels – Upper and Lower. First inhabited by the elite of society, the second is a huge city dump, home to all the others. One day, doctor IDO finds in the debris is not functioning the girl-cyborg. He manages to fix it and he be named the cyborg Ality. She absolutely does not remember his past, but as it turns out, has skills fighting robots.

Director of the film made Robert Rodriguez and the production function will take on James Cameron. Premiere date is still unknown.


Source and photo: kinonews.ru