The main jazzman Oleksiy Kogan will conduct a concert of Kiev Tango Project

Soon in Kiev will be one of the most important music events. Alex Kogan will be leading a concert of KIEV TANGO PROJECT.

Music in the style of tango from the virtuoso orchestra of the KIEV TANGO PROJECT is capable of anything, she will support you in moments of sadness, will make dance, will plunge you into the abyss of pleasure in rhythm and virtuosic music. “World music with tango” is the name of the program, which will be presented on August 22 at the roof of the Bel Etage , citing the press service of the artists.

Leading the music of the evening will be Alex Kogan – main jazz expert of the country. His name is known to many in the jazz world, he is the producer and art Director of Jazz in Kiev, curator Voloshinskii scenes of the festival “jazz Koktebel”, organized by the Alfa Jazz Fest in Lviv, member of International jazz journalists Association.

Alex Kogan – identity is multifaceted and leaves no one indifferent. Man of jazz has long been friendly with a virtuoso orchestra of the KIEV TANGO PROJECT. When they appear on the same stage – space, with bated breath, watching the musical magic that happens on stage.

Review Of Alexey Kogan

“I don’t like comparisons about the report card and grades, all sorts of ratings, but perhaps it is very difficult to find a team in Ukraine, which plays a tango is playing as KIEV TANGO PROJECT. Tango in culture Argentine with Italian roots, and, probably, people who turn to tango, as a rule, or classical musicians or jazz musicians. Jazz, perhaps more relaxed, but classic tango a little comb. It seems to me that all the guys from KIEV TANGO PROJECT academics, at its core, and learned to play real tango with grassotti, rollicking and a little bit cheeky. The concert of KIEV TANGO PROJECT, a person may have a sensation of tingling. A wise man said that there are only two criteria: there are no goose bumps or chills, and so in everything” – said Alexey Kogan.