The lunar day is today 6 January 2018

Lunar calendar — your assistant for all occasions. The advice of the astrologers will help you to conduct productive day and get closer to your goals at the beginning of 2018.

Started a new 2018, and every one of us wants to change their life for the better. Moon phases affect our lives no less than we ourselves, therefore, as often as possible, refer to the lunar calendar. In it you will find useful tips for the day and learn about important upcoming events and changes.

Moon phase January 6: in the 19th lunar day it is necessary to devote as much time to self-development and spiritual purification, but from the hard work should be abandoned. The waning Moon is in the constellation Virgo. This is a good time for financial transactions and purchases.

Magnetic storms in 19 lunar day: today solar flares are not expected, so your health is not in danger.

Holidays for today: tomorrow, Orthodox Christians will celebrate Christmas, but the festive Church service will start tonight. January 6 is Christmas Eve, or Christmas eve.

What today will bring good luck:
spiritual cleansing;
financial transactions.
That will scare luck on Saturday:
hard work;
new friends;
business negotiations.
Finance and career according to the lunar calendar

Today the Moon is in the constellation Virgo. Despite the fact that the day could be favorable for hard work, negative energy 19 lunar day can disrupt your plans. Business negotiations and participation in conferences can be doomed to failure, so try to focus on personal and domestic Affairs, and the decision of working out on a more suitable day.

Free time can be spent in the store. Today the Moon will have a beneficial effect on any financial transactions. Do not have to spend a lot of money — you can target their augmentation. You can invest in a safe project — that way you will be able to adjust your financial situation and get rid of debt and money problems.

Love and relationships in the 19th lunar day

On the personal front today may have problems, especially if it is on the 6th of January you had a date. 19 lunar day differs negative energy, so don’t spend too much time next to his partner. In any case, not konfliktuete and do not criticize your loved one, if you want to avoid a breakup.

In this period new people can turn out very sad. There is a risk to face with the man who soon will disappoint you. Put the search of new love another day but today you stay alone with yourself and dedicate time to more spiritual matters.

House and home on Saturday

The holidays have not ended, and so the vacation continues. Today you can spend time with family — this will help you to bond even more. During the waning moon you may feel a sharp breakdown, but communication with other people it does not hurt, but heavy housework to execute is not worth it. However, if after the Christmas celebrations around you there is chaos and disorder, be sure to clean up and prepare for another wonderful event — the feast of the Nativity.

Closet 6 January

The energy of the day will be negative, but this does not mean that your appearance should be appropriate. Today try to look better than usual, but most importantly, your outfit lifted your spirits and soothed. Best suited light green, blue and beige. Don’t forget to dilute your look with bright jewelry, give preference to precious metals and stones-mascots: with their help you will be able not only to give zest to his image but also change lives for the better.

Health and mood today

During the waning moon your energy is in decline. For this reason, you may feel weakness and worsening of mood. Refrain from heavy physical exertion, which eventually takes you the remaining power.

There is a probability that today you will feel strong emotional instability, because of this, you may have conflicts with family and problems on the personal front. Try not to give importance to detail and calmer react to everything that happens around you. Don’t forget that negative feelings and emotions have a bad influence not only on mental but also on physical condition.

As you new year begins, so it will be until the end. Try to get rid of problems and failures at the beginning of the year, and will help you with this word-password which must be spoken every day. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru I wish you success and happiness in 2018,