The limo driver is not a suspect in the robbery of Kim Kardashian

Paris limo driver , Michelle Madar, who yesterday was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the robbery of the American TV star Kim Kardashian, was released without any criminal charges. This was stated in a company engaged in the rental of limousines.

As reported by UNIC Worldpass, citing reliable sources, Michel was summoned to the police only for questioning, and not arrested as a suspect. The company, which employs Madar, responsibly declares that neither he nor any of the employees of the organization are not involved in the October robbery of Kim Kardashian.
Recall that yesterday the French newspaper Le Monde reported that under investigation was the driver of the limousine, the American TV star was used very often during his visits to France.

Source: http://www.tmz.com
Photo: http://www.tmz.com

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