The lie detector confirmed that Diana Shurygina was telling the truth

Infamous rape victim Diana Shurygina is famous in the whole country when he said that she was raped by Sergey Semenov. Finally, the truth came out: the lie detector confirmed that all this time Diana was telling the truth.


Diana Shurygina in the program “actually”, being connected to the lie detector said that she drank vodka and Sergey Semenov took advantage of her helpless state in order to rape the girl. The guy who was sentenced to eight years in prison, accused Diana of lying. The agitated public demanded to put Diana on the polygraph, but such tests are held only adults. Recently the girl was 18 years of age and in the Studio “actually,” she told the truth.

The public did not believe the words of Diana about the rape and began to ridicule the girl not only in social networks but also on the streets of his native city. Lie detector Shurygina answered a number of questions and the polygraph showed the absolute truth. As it turned out, all this time Diana was telling the truth and the true rapist is in prison.