The last role of Natalia Yunnikova cut out of the series – 24???

30 September in the Russian capital will host a farewell to the actress Natalia Yunnikova. Anton Fedotov, the former husband of the actress, gave an interview to the press, writes Woman’s Day.

Fedotov said that realized in the movie was a dream UNICOOL. Early in his career, the actress has frequently starred in commercials, dubbed movies, and had an entertainment programme on television. Besides work and family, Natalia had.

Ex-husband of a celebrity added that Yunnikova starred in the second season of the series “Return of Mukhtar”, but due to the tragic events of the creators of the popular the tapes had to take the project with another actress. It is reported that the staff prepared for display will be clipped.

Natalia Yunnikova | RusKino “She was happy, but was not able to realize themselves”, – said Anton Fedotov.

Recall, September 26 Natalia Yunnikova died. The funeral of the actress will be held at Perepechenko cemetery in the suburbs.