The king and Queen of Bhutan have shown heir

Young Royal family Bhutan king Jigme and Queen, Jetsun demonstrated his grown son Gyalse. Boy, born February 5, half a year has passed, and here the rulers of the “happiest country in the world” shared in honor of this photos, the grown heir.

“It is a joy to see how fast is growing, our beloved son Gyalse” wrote the Queen in photos of the baby.
Pictures caught on Instagram-page of the Royal family, was made during a visit to their sacred place Dechen Phu (the so-called “Cave of happiness”). It is tradition for everyone born in that region, as the little Gyalse.
Recall that the king and Queen of the Bhutanese people very worship, and even call their Kate Middleton and Prince William. In 2011, the Prince chose wives simple girl from a poor family, and like in Cinderella, married her. Their wedding was the largest media event in the history of the country in recent years.

Source: http://www.spletnik.ru
Photo: http://www.spletnik.ru

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