The Kiev-Bratsk icon of the Mother of God

Mother of God adorn many Orthodox churches. They have extraordinary power to protect you and your family from illnesses and difficulties, and therefore are a strong talisman and helper in difficult situations.

Almost every house or apartment a believer, you can see the icon of the Mother of God. This attention is based on the incredible power of the icon. Some people claim to have learned the power of this divine image. Is no exception and the Orthodox Church, which has Mother of God in plain view, because the congregation first of all pay attention to the image of the Mother of God and do not pass over this icon, I forgot to pray for myself and my family.

Icon of Mother of God located in almost all the churches and temples of Russia. However, neighbouring countries pay due attention to the divine image of the virgin.

History of the icon

In the year 1131 Kiev Prince Mstislav the gift was given to the icon of the virgin written on the piece of the table at which we dined, Jesus Christ. The icon was placed in the women’s Monastery of Vyshgorod, located in the Kiev region. Many years later in the same city icon has inexplicably appeared in the temple of Boris and Gleb. This is a wonderful event happened in 1654.

During the Russo-Polish war of Boris and Gleb Church was destroyed. Fortunately, the icon of the mother of God was saved by local residents who are pre-rendered it is and let the Dnieper. Over time, the image of God nailed to the edge of the hem, located in Kiev. For the faithful residents of the emergence of such icons was a joy and a great honor, and they put it in the Kievo-Bratsk monastery. The image of the Mother of God decorated the walls of the monastery for many years. After its destruction in 1935, the icon was gone.

There is a story that during the Russian-Polish war in order to humiliate the local residents, one of the soldiers hit him with the sword icon. At this point of the Holy Mother face gushing blood, and the whole icon was covered in red. That night the Theotokos appeared to the warlords, demanding severe punishment for the infidel. The next day he demanded to find the abuser of the Mother of God and hang it, and he quietly disappeared from Vyshgorod.

In 1692 appeared the “Song of the miraculous Kievo-Bratsk icon of the mother of God”. Now known only excerpts from this historic source.

Where is the icon of the Mother of God

After serious damage, the fault of which began the war and revolution, the image of the virgin had a long way to go. The last time the original icon was in Kievo-Bratsk monastery. In 1935 the monastery was blown up by the Bolsheviks and the icon was gone without a trace. At the moment the fate of the original is unknown, but an exact copy of the icon located in the Kiev-Pokrovsky monastery in the city of Kiev.

Description of the icon

The original icon has some differences from the extant copies, mostly changed colors and brightness of the image.

On the preserved copies of the icon and many icons of the Mother of God, Holy virgin depicted with the infant Jesus in her arms. Left hand the virgin holds the infant, which means blessing Her. The right hand of the infant shows troeperstie, a symbol of the Holy Trinity, where the two folded fingers, middle and index finger, signify the two natures of Jesus Christ — divine and human, and the little finger symbolizes one of the three divine entities of Father, Son and Holy spirit.

What helps icon

About the power of the mother of God Orthodox believers know not by hearsay. It is believed that the mother of God is closer to God than the other saints. Therefore, it is much more likely to request and for blessing. Before the icon of the Mother of God pray for healing, for deliverance from troubles and suffering, for their families. Young girls beg to relieve them of their infertility and to protect against difficult childbirth. The couple seek the blessing for a long and happy marriage. As before, and now this icon is very popular among believers. Turned to her for help miraculously get what they want.

The celebration of the

The celebration of Kyiv-Brestskoy of the icon is held three times a year: 10 may, 2 June and 6 September. All dates associated with the miraculous Holy image of the Mother of God.

Prayer before the icon of the mother of God

“Oh, Blessed Virgin Mary, Immaculate Mother Of God. Look at His Merciful eye on us as we stand before You, the great Mother of God, believers and praying for You. Reveal yourself to us and bless us, the servants of God. Let Your light Shine before us. Amen.”

For centuries Orthodox believers venerate the image of the Mother of God. As in the days of the celebration, and the parishioners cling to the icon of the virgin Mary and asking in prayer about the secret. Health to you and your family