The Kiera Knightley hate the fans

The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” actress keira Knightleyhas stated that she has an army of haters who consider her face is disgusting. It is, of course, not a dollar to please everyone, but to so blatantly insult a celebrity is too much.

31-year-old mother of 18-month-old daughter Edie and wife of James Ryton and now lives in London lives of ordinary Housewives. Although British fans are not as annoying as the California, but not stiff, how can someone think.

“Yesterday I met a very nice couple who approached me on the street and said how much they love my work. This is not seen. Often I meet an unpleasant person that tell me they hate my face or hundred they really don’t like my game. Or that generally it is strange, they say “Oh my God, I always hated you!” or “you always such a boring person! It’s annoying!” It sounds like a stupid joke, but I just want to say: “excuse me, Excuse me for that,”” said Kira.
The birth of the daughter is changed Knightley. Now she is a different person.

“I feel like I’m “before” and “after” the birth of EDI – they are two completely different women. Now I am far from the busy Hollywood life and publicity. I dress to not stand out from the crowd,” said Knightley. But that does not help her starry face and in the streets, and shop, and walking with a child.

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