The jury of “Dancing on TNT” won the twins from Stavropol

Jury entertainment show “Dancing on TNT” won the twins from Stavropol Arina and Ales. The girls won the hearts of experts incredible show and took part in season of the television project.


21-tion of the sisters Glasovi from Stavropol brought to the casting in Krasnodar was great with bowls, savoraim his performance the audience and mentors. The jury noted that they liked showing the girls, so they pass on.

The mentors Miguel and Tatiana Denisova saw further participation of girls some concerns. We are talking about other sisters who took part in the previous season. On the question of whether you are afraid sisters Glasovi comparisons with other participating twins, they are assured that there is. Arina and Ales explained that they are very different and there is nothing in their work that can be compared with the programmes of the performances of the participants of last season.

Previously fans of the dance project “Dancing on TNT” expressed its negative attitude to the tutor from Ukraine Tatyana Denisova, stating that they refuse to watch her show.