The judge rejected the claim of Katherine Jackson vs nephew

The claim of Katherine Jackson, mother of the king of pop Michael Jackson, against her nephew, Trent, was rejected by the judge. As reported by TMZ, the lawyers of the elderly woman and tried to prove that the nephew abused her, threatened and robbed. Moreover, she was asked to close the case due to the fact that her lawyers allegedly were not prepared for the meeting.

Recall that 86-year-old woman has filed a lawsuit against his nephew Trent Jackson in February of this year. Catherine said that he was secretly stealing money from her, and when she found out about it, then began to threaten her.
“Trent is so masterfully manipulated Katherine, enjoyed her kindness that even when the police wanted to bring him to answer, she immediately withdrew the statement,” — said the relatives of Catherine. They fear that this time Trent, which the previous decision of the court was forbidden to approach the relative distance closer than a hundred yards, again managed to convince the good aunt.
Recall that Trent was unemployed, while Mrs. Jackson took pity on him and took a personal driver. He quickly took a relative into circulation and began to dispose of its money. One day, calling himself a co-founder of the charity event Trent took all gathered for good money. To avoid the influence of his nephew, Katherine went to her daughter Janet in London, where he stayed for two months, had to return home to Los Angeles, where from a relatives, obviously, more to escape failed.

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