The issue of “actually” Diana and Shurygino was staged

Recently broadcast on television, released a new edition of “actually”, where a lie detector villages scandalous Diana Shurygina. The story of her rape by Sergey Semenov has stirred up the Internet and many would like to achieve from the girl the truth. Opponent 18-year-old girl was the sister of Semenova, who tried to bring the girl to clean water. After the transfer, sister Semenova gave an interview where he spoke about the fraud in the transfer.

Ekaterina Semenova told about how the shooting took place transfer. As in editions of “Let them talk,” Diana translated for hysterical and uncivilized openly expressed. She did not give clear answers to questions, and when you do not know what to answer, just argued about his unconscious because of intoxication. The girl answered when she was comfortable, and the experts who tried to find out the answer, accused pressure.

“When they asked her, raped you, Sergei, eyes she runs around, knows what to say. Started to try to cry again and eventually said, Yes, it’s true. Preliminary testing showed that there was no rape. But it will not be interesting, which is always Semenov rights,” says Catherine.

Each hero is given the opportunity to prepare their questions and ask their opponent. Her prepared questions, but was outraged that we were able to specify only the ones that flashed on the screen. Directors are allowed to ask questions that were favorable for transmission. “They all understand that it is necessary to remove the program. The main thing that she sat through and filmed. As usually starts to go away, they started already to regret. And the hall was constantly saying, enough is enough,” said Catherine.

Shurygina was throwing tantrums when she didn’t know how to respond, and manipulated a host of the program. He tried to reassure the girl that she would be left until the end of the film. Diana was throwing tantrums, it was pulled and said that the play is useless. She clearly gave to understand that we should not be hysterical. He tried to cry, to yell, to scream. Then she started to break the wires,” said sister Semenov.

The experts noted that the girl remembered only those moments that clarified it with a positive side. “For every question she answers so that everything is blurred and unclear, true or not true,” says a participant of the program.

Recall that story about the rape of minors Diana Shurygina vysvetleni in the TV show “Let them talk” on channel one, where the girl accused Sergey Semenov. They put a guy in jail. His relatives and most of the Internet think that the girl is cheating, and Semenov is innocent. His family is not the first time trying to justify the guy.

Source: www.starhit.ru
Photo: www.crimea.kp.ru, rupor73.ru, www.youtube.com

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