“The Illusion of deception” you will see the Chinese spin-off

“The Illusion of deception” you will see the Chinese spin-off

Film Studio Lionsgate has signed a contract with the Chinese company Leomus Pictures about collaborating on a spin-off adventure film “Illusion of deception”. This publication reports The Hollywood Reporter. Filming will take place in China, and the painting will be mainly involved Chinese actors.

“We are actively working with representatives from Lionsgate on the story and will use the help of a famous Hollywood screenwriter to be confident in the quality of the project and its connection with the original franchise”, – said the head Leomus Pictures Jai kui.

For optimism, the Studio Lionsgate is a very good reason. Starting in June 2016 the movie “now you see me 2” earned in China, 92 million dollars, more than in the North American box office. It also showed the best in the history of the Studio start in this market. The company Leomus participated in the creation of paintings as a consultant, helping to properly position the project in the Chinese car.

American trailers pictures was more focused on the topic of revenge and, in General, individualistic feelings of the Americans. For the Chinese the concept of nepotism is much more important than individual aspirations. The Chinese are big introverts,” – said the head of the Studio.


Source and photo: kinonews.ru