The illegitimate son of Jay-Z again prevents his family happiness

The news about the upcoming replenishment in the family Beyonce and Jay-Z blew up the social network. Millions of fans of couples around the world began to send congratulatory messages and to wish the family happiness. But there was a man to whom the pregnancy of Beyonce, it seems sheer injustice. This man was the illegitimate son of Jay-Z Ramair Sattersveyt.

Unlike most, Rimir not in a hurry to congratulate his father with the future birth of new heirs, he is not happy that he will be brother and sister. News about the interesting position of Beyonce Sattersveyt incredibly upset and almost enraged.

Ramair devastated by the news of the addition to the family Jay-Z. Its embarrassing that the rapper shows off pregnant Beyonce in that moment, when his other children suffer”,- reported a source close to the family guy.

Note that the young man behaves a bit strange. The fact that fatherhood Jay-Z against him do not been confirmed.

When the mother Ribeira Wanda Sattersveyt addressed to the musician with the news that she bore him a son and that child is 100% his, Jay Z has refused to confirm this DNA-examinations and have the guy in any way.

Now Ramair wants to defend his right to be with the father. I wonder whether he will manage to do it?

We will remind, not so long ago there were rumors that Jay Z and Beyonce break up. Then it was reported that the reason was precisely the illegitimate child born of a casual relationship with Wanda Sattersveyt.

Source: peopletalk.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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