The Icon Theodosius Of The Caves

The saints are God’s special love and mercy to those who are honoring their memory. It may seem that the saints are far from us. However, they are far only from those who have forgotten the precepts of God and departed from true faith.

The icon Theodosius of the caves depicts a man of the Lord. The image is deeply revered in Orthodoxy and enjoys great popularity among the Christian people. Before the icon pray for many people from all over the world, because the Reverend Theodosius acted as the founder of the Russian Orthodox Church, for which he received the warm love and the right to be called saints.

History of the icon

This icon was written in honor of an Orthodox monk who lived in the XI century — Theodosius of the caves. He is the founder of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Revered in Russia and in our days, the monk did much for Orthodoxy. In addition, Theodosius was an example for all Christians, as he led a good life. Holy observe fasts in all their rigor, locked in the caves and led a lonely life to further strengthen their faith.

Died Theodosius of the caves from the disease. Before he died, he had only one request — that his body was buried in those caves, where he remained in solitude during Lent. His associates fulfilled the will of the Saint, and soon the chronicler Nestor wrote the first life of Theodosius.

Where is the miraculous image

The icon Theodosius of the caves is decorated with many churches of our country. There is no city in which Orthodox believers are not familiar with the history and an icon of St. Theodosius. The miraculous image is a very popular and revered among the Christian people. Numerous copies of the icon remind myself of the wonders from different parts of Russia.

Description of the icon

The icon for the zone depicted Theodosius of the caves. He is dressed in the robes of a priest. In his right hand he opened the scroll, and the other with his hand — cross. All of their elder represents righteousness and Holiness. The face of the monk exudes light and warmth. Theodosius is often depicted on icons with the other saints, in particular, with the Virgin Mary and the teacher him — Anthony of the caves.

What helps icon

In front of the icon Theodosius of the caves pray for faith in God, about loving others, about the health of the body and soul. Also people asking for help when the troubles and failures in this life with material needs and pray about the good that is necessary for a happy existence. Theodosius of Kiev is considered the patron and protector of monks.

The celebration of the

Theodosius of Kiev awarded several days in the Church calendar of Orthodox holidays: 16 may, 27 August, 10 and 15 September.

Prayer before the icon

“Oh, Saint Theodosius! The patron Saint of monks and the founder of the Orthodox churches! Please accept my words and help me strengthen my faith in our Lord, hide from troubles and misfortunes. Let us hope for the salvation of our soul, save from disease, keep our souls pure and good, and our hearts fill with love and piety. Forgive us, sinners, and instruct on the right path. Save from evil, from enemies and diseases. Yes we will glorify your name before the Lord. Pray for us in Heaven to our souls accepted the Lord after our death. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen.”

Theodosius of the caves — a true and zealous defender of Orthodoxy, contributes much to strengthen the power of the spirit to believers. His life was exemplary and devoid of sin, and many people repented of their own sins, seeing such a bright example of piety and love for the Lord. We wish you peace in your soul. Be happy