The Icon Theodosius Of Chernigov

Any icon — the strongest talisman for every believer. The Church honors the sacred and crying images of saints, famous for his righteous life and is now interceding before the Lord for deliverance from sorrows and our sins.

The Shrine is dedicated to the Martyr Theodosius of Chernigov, which is on the same level with the most revered and famous saints of the Orthodox Church. The story of his life shows us how a person can be humble, submissive, entirely faithful to the Lord, despite his noble origins.

History of the icon

Theodosius was descended from a noble family. He lived in the XVII century. Parents instilled in him the love of Jesus and guided on the spiritual path. He was a member of the Board, which was at the monastery, and studied with the most righteous and wise bishops and bishops of the time. In his free time, the Saint indulged in prayers and read the Scriptures. He strictly observed fasts and enlightened Orthodox people, helped the poor and have-nots.

The Saint accepted tonsure at the Kievo-Pechersk Lavra, where he took the name Theodosius. He became famous for his tenacity and fight for the preservation of numerous monasteries and churches throughout Russia. Monk founded a lot of schools in monasteries, where it was discovered in people spirituality and faith in the Lord. He was also the initiator of the Church choir.

Saint Theodosius was kind to all people, respected and infidels. For many of his life and left behind his legacy serves as an example to follow. All Christians come to him with requests for deliverance from various diseases. Joint prayers people received healing and was more drawn to the Archimandrite.

Where is the icon Theodosius of Chernigov

The image of Theodosius of Chernigov is highly valued among Christians. It can be found in many churches and monasteries of the capital of our country and also in numerous temples in all cities of Russia. The most famous and the earliest icon is stored in the Kiev, Chernihiv Monastery. Pilgrims from all over the world come to pray before the icon of the Holy Martyr Theodosius.

Description of the icon

The Shrine depicts himself the Reverend Theodosius of Chernigov. In most of the icons he painted in full figure, clad in the robes of a priest. In his left hand he has the Bible and the other he points to the Holy Book, as if to show that it is the main source of spiritual enlightenment.

Sometimes the Holy image you can see the monk depicted on the belt. He also dressed in the garb of a clergyman, but instead of the Bible in the hands holding a cross.

What helps icon

It is known that before the icon of St. Theodosius Orthodox Christians pray for healing from various diseases. Most importantly, is assisting the Saint, — in getting rid of cancer tumors. Many cancer patients people after many sincere prayers were healed thanks to the help and support of the Holy.

Also Theodosius of Chernigov becomes the patron and protector of the Orthodox people, protecting them from the lies and deceit and hatred of the envious and detractors. Under the patronage of the Holy places and personal life of every person who has ever invoked the help of Saint. Saint protects the family unit, helping to raise children in righteousness.

The celebration of the

To honor Theodosius of Chernigov, one of the main Orthodox saints, the Church took three days out of the year.

First day — February 18. It is the Saint’s feast day.
The second festival falls on September 22. This is the day when they found the relics of the monk Theodosii.
3 October — the day when Christians celebrate the so-called Cathedral of the Saints of Bryansk. It is a festival dedicated to the priests, who once lived in the lands of Bryansk. These include Theodosius.
Prayer before the icon Theodosius of Chernigov

“Oh, Holy Theodosius, the father of Russian churches, the mentor of the Orthodox people! To you begging appeal, ask for the healing of our souls. Deliver us from sin, guide me on the right path and be our intercessor. Heal the sickness of the body and banish Vice from our souls. Show us the way of the righteous, because in the end we’ll give our souls to the Lord. Forgive us sinners, give us their enlightenment and blessing! Pray for us in front of God, his Son Jesus Christ and in front of the Virgin Mary, Mother of our Savior, for you’re standing next to them in the Kingdom of the Lord. Do not leave our prayers without attention and become our mainstay. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Forever and ever. Amen.”

Saints throughout his earthly life faithfully served the Lord, constantly turning to God in prayer asking for help in healing people and free from suffering each soul. Saints multiply our every prayer of his petition. Pray with faith in a bright future. We wish you peace in your soul, take care of yourself