The icon “the Miracle of Archangel Michael”

The Archangel Michael is a key figure of the New Testament. He is the chief assistant of God, which is in the grip scales, weighing the sins of men. Ancient Apocrypha tell us about the miracles performed by the Archangel. One of them was the story for writing icons.

With the name of the Archangel Michael is associated with many miracles in the early biblical times. Hence widely known and ardent love of the Christian people. Near the temples, erected in honor of the Saint, has been and still is to this day a lot of healing. In the Byzantine Empire, the chiefs and the rulers regarded the Archangel as their patron in war. With his face minted coins, and the frescoes depicting the Archangel of God, was adorned with temples, in which were buried noble people. The faithful pray to Saint Michael for protection and protection, because it determines a person’s sins in the day of judgment.

History of the icon

The plot of the icon “Miracle of Archangel Michael in Honeck” is the story of the miraculous salvation of the venerable Archippus Krotovskoe that occurred in the sixth century. Source water once showed himself to the Archangel Michael, healed a young girl, the only daughter of Laodicea — resident of the city of Europos. In honor of the Saint near a healing spring was built the temple of God.

The time of persecution of Christians coincided with service in the Church of the Archangel Michael Sexton Arhippa. He led a righteous life and gave great hope: many were confident that he will play an important role in spreading the faith. His sermons were listened to even by those who zealously deny the Lord.

Rulers of the city decided to destroy the temple in favor of their pagan gods. But they acted clever and resourceful, so as not to draw the IRE of the already converted. They sent for two rivers temple, Prokopov moat to the Church, at the foot of which stood a huge stone. An uncontrollable flow of water can easily destroy the monastery and all its parishioners, but Archippus, the mere sight of the deadly current, began to pray to the Archangel Michael. Prayers were answered instantly. The Archangel descended from Heaven to reflect the impact. He drew back the water, striking his wand on the stone, which opened a crack. The pagans fled in terror, shouting the word “Hon”, which translated means “cleft”.

The story of portrait the miracle became a subject for writing one of the most important and revered icons of the Archangel Michael.

Where is the icon of the Archangel Michael

The icon “the Miracle at Chonae” is one of the most famous among the other images of the Saint of God. The iconography of this subject is fully developed only in the tenth century, from which arose a huge number of icons and lists, written by unknown authors. Today, the original not found, but there were many lists of icons scattered around the world. There is no temple in Russia, where there would be icons of St. Michael. Numerous image and protecting a fresco depicting the Archangel adorn every Church. Wherever you went, you always have the opportunity to appeal to the Saint.

The earliest list of Russian artists was written on the back of a Georgian (Jerusalem) the mother of God in the fifteenth century. Today they are in the collections of the Tretyakov gallery.

The image of the Miracle at Chonae Dating back to the thirteenth century and located at the doors of the Cathedral of Nativity in Suzdal, Russia.

Description of icon “the Miracle at Chonae”

The icon is written the story of the miraculous salvation of God’s Church and his parishioners, who miraculously fit into the Russian iconography. To the left depicts the Archangel Michael piercing a rod of stone. From the cleft down the two rivers, forming arches, vertical to each other. On the right side is the temple where the prayer posture depicted the monk Archippus.

What helps the Archangel Michael

In addition to fighting enemies and the forces of evil, the Holy helps people to get rid of worldly problems. Any prayer coming from the heart, will be heard by the Archangel. He is considered omnipresent the defender and the protector of every lost soul. To Michael apply in different situations. He heals the ills of body and soul, protects from thieves, evil, betrayal and lies, protects from troubles and misfortunes, sheltering from disasters and helps to get rid of sadness, sorrow and anxiety.

Prayer To The Archangel Michael

“Oh, Holy Michael! Talking to you, the Great Archangel! Please have mercy on us and let go of all the sins that we have committed. Give us their patronage, save from the attacks of our enemies, from misfortunes and sorrows. Heal the spirit, strengthen the faith and enlighten our way. Free from the evils that torment our souls, spend road of the righteous into the Kingdom of God! We become a guardian and don’t let it succumb to the temptations of the devil. Glory to you, Saint Michael! In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Forever and ever. Amen.”

Day celebration

Memories of the miracle on September 19. This day is the veneration of the icon “Miracle of Archangel Michael”.

The Archangel of God listens to every request, especially when using it is necessary and vital. The appearance of Archangel Michael reminds us that each of us is under the care of a Higher power, and every prayer will be answered. We wish you good faith. Take care of yourself