The Icon Of The Mother Of God “Seminaristas”

Miraculous shrines often help people in the most desperate situations, reinforcing the Christian belief in God’s Providence. One of the images, in the prayers before which has happened many miracles, is the icon of the Mother of God “Seminaristas”.

This icon of the Mother of God is truly unique: the first miracle associated with it, happened during the time of writing. The legend says that the Holy image was created through divine intervention. To this day there are no accurate copies of this icon, because to repeat the face manifested on the canvas by the Lord, the person not under force.

In addition to the main titles, there are several equivalent names of the icon: it is called “Prodromitis” or “Jassy icon of the Mother of God”.

History of the icon

The icon was revealed in the 19th century. While Niphon, a novice at mount Athos monastery of St. John the Baptist, accompanied by a few monks were sent to Moldova with a mission: they had to find the icon of the Mother of God, which would become a beautiful pearl of the monastery. In Iasi, the monks met an elderly artist, leading a righteous life and known for his piety and charity. It was decided to entrust him with writing the icon of the virgin.

The artist happily agreed and started to implement charitable cause. However, when the clothes of the virgin and the Divine child was portrayed and it’s time to write the faces of the saints, the work has stalled. Painter repeatedly tried to portray bright images of the Savior and mother of God, but none of the options was perfect. Then the novices are advised the old man to strengthen the post and daily prayer follow a rule that the artist did.

And after a while the day came when it was revealed a great wonder. After a few hours spent in prayer, the artist returned to his Studio. Looking at the icon, he was amazed: the icon was completely ready, but tread on it the faces of the virgin and Christ was perfect.

Wonderful news about the event quickly spread around the city. Novices reported the incident to the Metropolitan, who recognized the accomplished miracle of the Lord, and blessed the icon. After that, the icon began to approach the residents of the city. Touching the icon, many have been healed from serious illnesses.

Description of the icon

The icon depicts the blessed mother of God, left hand holding the Divine Infant. The right hand of the virgin pinned to the heart. This gesture symbolizes the infinite mercy and forgiveness of the virgin in relation to every believer. The Savior, however, raises his right hand in a blessing gesture and his left hand he has a scroll with Scripture, pointing out that it will help everyone living on earth worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. The original of the icon is decorated with a fine silver Riza.

Where is the icon

The original “Sumanatissa” icon to this day is in the Athonite skete of St. John the Baptist. Lists icons can be found in many temples of Russia. One of the most close to the original copies of the icons to worship in the Catherine Cathedral in Tsarskoye Selo.

What helps icon

Icon grant healing from physical and spiritual ailments, frees man from the obsession. There are many cases of convalescence from a severe disease that occurred through the prayers before the icon of the virgin “Seminaristas”. One such happened a few days after the icon was painted. Returning to the monastery, the monks found that one of the monks fell ill: he was not able to move and even speak. After it brought to the miraculous icon, the monk was healed.

Prayer before the icon of the Mother of God “Seminaristas”

“Chudotvornaya Your icon, the blessed virgin Mary, reverently bow and pray to You, Glorious: give healing, give strength to our bodies and souls. On Thy mercy I trust and glory wassalaam: hail, most pure, hail, Preblagaya, forever and ever. Amen.”

The day of veneration of the icon

The celebration of the icon occurs annually on 25 July, new style. On this day the Shrine attracts a number of pilgrims wishing to venerate the wonderworking image. Through the prayers before the icon and to this day happens miraculous healing.

This icon will be a perfect addition to your home altar will protect all households from diseases, sorrows and troubles. Before reading her prayer to the virgin Mary, you will be able to get rid of internal problems and experiences and to find spiritual calm. We wish you prosperity and joy.