The Icon Of The Mother Of God “Burning Bush”

In the Orthodox icon of Mother of God are the most common, because the mother of God protects us always. The icon is primarily to protect your home from all evil and evil spirits.

The image of the “burning Bush” should be in every home. It will save you from problems of every kind, strengthen faith and give happiness. This is a great gift for a birthday, a wedding, a birthday party. If someone in your family moves to a new apartment or house, “the burning Bush” also will be very useful.

The history and description of the icon

“Burning Bush” is one of the biggest icons in terms of artistic performance. It is unique and recognizable from the total set of all icons with the Mother of God. The virgin Mary depicted with the infant Jesus Christ, but the way this unusual. To understand why, you must turn to the old Testament.

Moses received the 10 commandments at the foot of mount Sinai. He saw a burning Bush that didn’t burn, but was enveloped in flames. This flame was so bright that it was painful to watch. From this flame came out the angel of the Lord told the prophet about the 10 commandments, and also that he needs to do, what is its purpose.

A way the fireproof Bush (it is translated “burning Bush”) is in high content in red. Mother Intercessor and the baby Jesus depicted in the middle, at the intersection of two rectangles forming an eight-pointed star. In the corners of this star shows a Mount Sinai, Jacob’s Ladder and a few other important places and events of the old Testament. Directly on the “fire” side show angels, reminiscent of how Moses saw one of them coming out of the flames. Incidentally, on the very spot where, according to tradition, Moses met the angel and saw the burning Bush, the monastery. This is one of the oldest monasteries in the world, and it is still valid. A huge number of pilgrims come from all over the world there to look at the Bush, which is said to the abbots, grows from shoots belonging to the same fireproof Bush.

It is not known when the icon was found or created, but historians are absolutely sure that it was a 4 or 5 centuries, that is, the early period of Christianity. In Russia, it became known only in the 15th century. This image of the virgin Mary shrouded in mystery and is one of the most unusual.

What helps icon

The burning Bush — the miraculous image. Throughout the history of this icon saved people from certain death or the evil eye. It is believed that this icon should be in any house because it saves the home from fire. It helps families become stronger and stronger. “Burning Bush” strengthens the faith and gives people hope for a brighter future.

Where is the icon

To pray before this icon for the health and salvation in any Church where it is available. The temple, dedicated to the “Burning Bush” is in Ivanovo, four churches in Moscow, one in Syzran, Bryansk, Kiev, Saint-Petersburg, Arkhangelsk.

The date for the celebration of the icon

Celebration of icons in the Church calendar — September 17, new style. It neperehodimyh date, so each year it is unchanged. Be sure to read the prayer at bedtime before the “Burning Bush” if you will not be able to attend the temple.

Prayer before the icon

“Most Holy and blessed mother of God, kneeling before You and pray before the Holy icon of Thy wonders that its famous, and from fire, and thunder house our rescues, heals ailments and takes our requests. Humbly we beseech Thee, o virgin Mary, help us and take part in our life, keep us under cover of his own, the Orthodox Church, the city, all the land of our Orthodox and all of us coming to You with faith and love, asking for Your help. We ask You, Mother, to pray You for us, Jesus Christ, Thy Son. The blessed one, ask thou his pardon for us sinners, peace in the house in our. When the time comes for the last judgment, be with us and help me avoid eternal damnation for the acts of our. Help me to inherit eternal bliss in Paradise, close to all the Holy fathers. Amen.”

This prayer is possible and even necessary to read not only the holiday itself but also in any other day. Let icon “burning Bush” will save you from problems in difficult times and become your great partner for all creative endeavors.

Happiness and spiritual forces do not leave you, if you have a home will be the icon, if you will believe in its power. There are many icons that should be in your home, but this list is, perhaps, one of the first lines it takes a “burning Bush.”