The Icon Of The Mother Of God “Besedna”

The icon of the Mother of God “Besedna” is deeply revered among Orthodox Christians. It showed its miraculous properties on the day of completion of construction of the temple in place of gaining another significant icon of Mother of God, called Tikhvin.

The icon of the Mother of God “Besedna” depicts the virgin who carries on a conversation with the sacristan George and St Nicholas of Myra. The icon has special significance among the Christian people and known all over the world, because it was manifest before the eyes of the believers on the day of the consecration of the temple.

History of the icon

In preparation for the consecration of the Church, which was located on the river Tikhvinka, Sexton George went to villages and villages to convey the Orthodox people the good news about that soon will take place the consecration of the temple built in the place where were found the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God.

When George was on his way back, he saw the blessed virgin with Saint Nicholas. Our lady gave George his instructions. She wanted the builders of the Church erected a wooden cross, not an iron, so that believers remember that Jesus Christ was crucified on a wooden cross.

But people did not listen to the Sexton, and the Builder installed the iron cross. In the same moment a strong wind picked up and the person that erected the cross, fell to the ground, but was unharmed. Then everyone realized that the mouth of George’s told by Mary herself that disobedience of them almost turned into a horrible death. To tempt fate and defy the dictates of the Mother of God the second time the people did not, and it was decided to erect a cross of wood.

“Besedna” icon of the Mother shows that the mother of God can appear to any person who will sincerely pray and live a righteous life.

Where is the miraculous image

Lists mother of God “Besedna” can be found in many churches of our country. In Novgorod you can see the original image of the Mother of God in the place of her apparition to the Sexton George. The temple of God was built by Prince Vasily III in honour of the Mother of God and in the name of St. Nicholas. It is named Besedni monastery.

Description of the icon

The icon depicts the mother of God, leading a conversation with the sacristan George. The virgin Mary sits on a pine tree trunk. In her right hand she holds a rod. In front, near virgin, stands St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Before the blessed Virgin is depicted a clergyman, the same George who was honored with conversation with the saints.

What helps the miraculous image

Before the image of the Mother of God “Besedna” pray for health, healing, and emotional experiences. The icon of the virgin is unique, so as to help it comes, when trouble occurs to the house when you need help in building or maintaining focus.

The celebration of the

The official celebration of the mother of God “Besedna” falls on August 27. Old style this celebration falls on August 14.

Prayer before the icon

“Oh, great Queen of Heaven! Hear our prayer. We, the servants of God, bow before You. Save us from troubles and misfortunes, save our home from destruction, help us cope with the suffering of the earth and become for us an intercessor. Pray for our souls before God, because at the end of this day stand before His throne. Oh, the intercessor, the blessed virgin, the mother of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Give us strength and belief and not forsake us in the hour difficult. Glorify Thy name, Father, Son, and Holy spirit. Amen.”

Before the icon of the Mother of God, you can not only ask for the intercession and patronage, you can share with the virgin Mary and Nicholas and their problems, it’s like driving a peaceful conversation, quiet conversation. We wish you good faith. Be happy