The icon of the Mother of God “Addition of mind”

The image of the Mother of God is loved and revered by Christians around the world. The icon “Addition of mind” has a number of features, as well as a unique and mysterious story of the occurrence.

Any image of the virgin is associated with the phenomenon of a divine miracle. With icons of the blessed virgin on people blesses, the highest protection and heavenly patronage. Turning in a sincere prayer request to the Mother of God, you will gain the desire of your heart and soul.

History of the icon

The icon “Addition of mind” has a unique story, intertwined with the life of the Evangelist, the assistant to the Apostle Paul, the iconographer Luke. The legend says that the authorship of Luke belongs to the prototype of the Mother of God, forged in the statue Poretskoe icons, which were later written lik “Addition of mind”. The Evangelist has created a number of respected faces of the blessed virgin, which have the status of relics.

Ivan III, the Grand Duke, drew the attention of Western Catholic culture in the Russian domain. Thanks to the mutual interest of the West and Russia, Christians were able to learn about such an incredible and wonderful way Poretskoe icons. In 1524, the Orthodox delegation rushed to the Holy house in Loreto, to see the countenance of the Mother of God. They were shocked by the Shrine, brought from Nazareth. In Russia there were first lists of Poretskoe icons.

If you believe the legend, in 1547 in the capital for the first time there was mention of the icon “Addition of mind”. It was rewritten at the Moscow fashion by an unknown painter. The authorship of the image was hidden, but the facts are preserved prehistory. A righteous man, zealous fascinated fixed sacred books, was crazy. He was tormented by madness, in moments of returning sanity, the man prayed to the virgin for forgiveness and return to his former life. The virgin appeared several times to the mentally ill, as he wrote it. When sanity returned to the iconographer and the icon itself was titled “Addition of mind”.

Description of the icon

Written icon “Addition of mind” does not respond to Orthodox traditions and canons of writing. It has incorporated Catholic norms of iconography. It depicts Jesus and the virgin Mary, but not as a mother with a baby in her arms. Their weaves together the liturgical vestments. On their heads crowns of saints. The virgin and the Son of God located beside the entrance to the heavenly portal, under the arch which shows the starry sky. Blanket or robe to hide the external garb standing on the icon of Son and Mother. They are surrounded by angels and twinkling lamps. In the lower part of the icon under the feet of the Saints, is a small house, symbolizing Jerusalem.

Where is the icon

The original sacred image decorated the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, located in the town of Rybinsk, in the Soviet years due to persecution and restrictions on religion, the original was lost. So far its location is unknown. The remainder of the miraculous lists can be found in other cities of our homeland:

Moscow, temple of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God;
the town of Tutaev, the Cathedral of the intercession;
the Moscow Church of St. Tatiana at Moscow state University.
What helps the icon “Addition of mind”

If you are in need of enlightenment, especially in crucial decisions, don’t hesitate and refer to the Mother of God for advice and help in sincere prayer beside her miraculous image. Prayer to the mother of God will direct you on the right path, will help in the knowledge of the new Sciences, will add spiritual knowledge and strong faith to comprehension problems. Prayer before the icon of the blessed virgin help:

with weak mental development;
in cases of severe mental anguish;
with dementia, distraction, inattention;
to discipline the foolish children, for their obedience and perseverance in learning new Sciences;
in disorders of the psyche;
when training for a quicker mastering of the material;
when performing mental and challenging work;
to calm the crazy;
for successful exams, defending dissertations and theses.
Prayer before an icon of the Theotokos

“The Queen Of Heaven, Virgin Mother Of The Son Of God. You reign over the archangels and the people, intercede for the sinful soul. Have mercy on us, failed to perform simple commandments of God, violating the promises of baptism and monasticism. For the sins of the answer, once answered the King Saul, who felt the wrath of the Lord in the form of despair and unhappiness. And we in his footsteps go. The mind is vain and persecuted have forgotten about the grace of the Lord. Our souls are clouded by a dark veil in the hearts of lurking sadness, longing, anger, vindictiveness, hatred, and other sins. We don’t know about happiness and peace, and therefore I cry to Thee, Merciful Mother. Samoli before Her Son our sins, ask Him to save our. May He grant us the help of an angel-Comforter. And our mind will brighten, and then we sing: rejoice, mother of God, adding us to the salvation of the mind. Amen.”

The days of honoring

The icon “Addition of mind” Orthodox Christians venerated every year on August 28. This day is celebrated is another icon: the image of the Mother of God, “Sophia, Wisdom of God.” It coincides not by accident. Miraculous icon of the virgin has the highest patronage and intercession before Her Son in matters of addition of mind and odarenie spiritual enlightenment and people’s minds. It is this patronage and is called divine Wisdom.

Who believed in the Lord people are under a strong and unbreakable protection of a Higher power. Pray sincerely in moments of despair and moments of joy. Thank the saints for every day of life and for the opportunities presented to you. We wish you strong faith, happiness and blessings. Take care of yourself