The icon of the Holy Matrona of Moscow

Matrona of Moscow — one of the most beloved and revered saints of the Orthodox believers. From birth she possessed the divine gift of miracles and showed himself to the world as a Christian ascetic.

Blessed Matrona of people called the Matrona, saying her name with great love. Moscow Holy became famous and loved by all believers during their worldly life. She was a zealous molitvennitsa and intercessor of God’s word. Her earthly life is cited as an example of spiritual feat. Matron always carefully and lovingly treated each request to it, all the forces trying to help.

The history of the icon Matrona

When people think about the miracles that made Matrona of Moscow, it is difficult to list all, what is the name of this Saint because her whole life — is a divine miracle. Matrona herself was just saying that all miracles happen by the will of God, it only indicates that through your actions.

Holy strongly warned the believers, saying that any occult acts turns away from the Lord, inevitably bringing to the very worst start. She asked me not to deceive God, not to contrive and try not to look for answers to eternal questions. Even the question “what is a dream angel?” The matron replied that one should not trust the dreams, for they sometimes sent by the devil. And any magic or magic only increases its power.

Anyone who has visited the Matrona, he was confident that talks with the Holy, a man of exalted spirit and bright soul. A Saint saw a man through and through, even though he was blind. She sang sacrilegious requests, and admonished sinners to the right path. Everyone who comes to her with pure thoughts, he got what was coming. After the death of the great Matrons in the hearts of people hiding grief and sorrow, they lacked the Holy mentor. Only the icon was saved Orthodox Christians in moments of despair and impending evil as it did before she Matrona of Moscow.

The value of the image of St. Matrona of Moscow

Itself the Saint was canonized a year later after her relics were transferred to the Pokrovsky monastery in 1998. In 1999 she was assigned a place among the Holy local importance. And only passing five years in 2004, Matrona of Moscow was awarded the title of Holy Church.

Beside the uncorrupted remains of the Holy shroud monastery includes two images, which does not stop the human flow. Every day under these icons increases the number of parishioners and do not dry out armfuls of flowers.

Orthodox people claim that if prayer requests to the matron, immediately receive a silent response, there comes an inner relief, as if all the problems left behind. Known instances when blessed his negative answer gives people time to think. In any case, all prayers to her, the Saint hears. The main thing is to speak from the heart and was honest.

What helps Matrona of Moscow

Prayers Matrona of Moscow, perhaps, one of the most powerful of all Orthodox prayers. The blessed Holy will help you to pass all problems, protection from evil, envy, black char, disasters and undesirable events. It is important only that your prayers come from a pure heart, was backed by a strong faith and bright intentions. It will help everyone in everything that will consider necessary for your happiness. Basically the Holy cry:

in moments of despair;
in case of damage from natural disasters;
to protect yourself from falsehood and evil;
for attracting love and strengthening the family unit;
for healing of various diseases;
to help life of their loved ones and children;
to attract wealth and prosperity.
Prayer to Saint Matrona

“Blessed mother Matrona, hear and accept the words of sinful and unworthy servants of God. You used to listen to and protect application Its every lost soul is turned to You with love and hope in the heart. Give help, a speedy recovery, freedom from unhappiness. Let not scanty hand of the pitcher and Your compassion to us, living in the time when there is nowhere to find mercy and consolation, is that near Your face. Deliver us from weakness of spirit, temptations of the devil, help me to endure all the hardships and trials of life without losing faith in God. Save our Orthodox faith to the end of our days, even up to the deathbed we will eat of the only true faith in the Lord. Help us and all supporters of God to reach the Kingdom of Heaven, praising the grace and mercy of our Father, his Son, and the Holy spirit at all times. Amen.”

The day of remembrance of the miraculous image

In Orthodoxy the celebration of the memory of light and Matrons given a few days a year. One of them decided to meet in the day of death of Saint — may 2 (April 19, old style). The second is associated with the day of the angel matrons and falls on November 22 (9, old style).

Where is the icon of St. Matrona

The value of the miraculous and the sacred icons for the believers is very great. Russia is not in the temple, where Orthodox people would not be able to pray before the icon of Matrona.

The main location of the Shrine is considered to be the Pokrovsky monastery. The fact that there is today a preserved incorrupt remains of St. Matrona. There is also a significant and beloved icon of the blessed virgin, called “perishing”. Of course, parishioners who want to attend the temple, countless. The queue to the revered icons do not dry out.

It is worth noting the important place that belongs to the Holy matron is the cemetery Danilovskoe. Formerly, here were buried the Holy. Now her grave is a container of sand has a miraculous power.

Matrona of Moscow — beloved Orthodox Saint. It has not disappeared from the memory of believers not only for their merit before God and every needy, but also because it continues to give guidance and advice to anyone who came for them. Prayers the matron will help you gain the intercession of the blessed. We wish you strong faith, happiness,