The icon of the Holy equal to the Apostles Princess Olga

Orthodox Christianity has a lot of icons before which I pray in various circumstances. However, there are icons which has gained wide popularity and reverence due to its miraculous properties.

Princess Olga was the first Russian Saint who passed from paganism to the Christian faith and helped everyone to grow in her. It is known as the first host of the temples. Holy equal to the apostles Olga was famous for his wisdom. She rallied the Russian people, have improved the polity and always worked for the happiness and decent life of the people.

The history and meaning of the icon

Princess Olga converted to Christianity before the baptism of Rus. The female Varyag origin, it took the place of the deceased husband Igor Rurikovich. Her wisdom and kindness helped to rule wisely, to spend a few important reforms, which led the Russian people to prosperity. With the filing of the Princess began construction of the first churches in Russia and the spread of the Christian faith.

In the entire history of the Orthodox Church only six women were glorified among the saints as equal to the apostles, that is, equal to the apostles in their writings, converting to Christianity whole Nations. Among them — the Holy equal to the apostles Princess Olga.

Icon of St. Olga is an image of the spiritual mother of the Russian people. At baptism she received the name of Elena in honor of the Saint who found the true Cross of the Lord. The Apostolic office of Saint Olga had the same great value. She contributed to the spiritual transformation of the Russian people.

How to protect is what helps the icon of Princess Olga

Before the Holy face pray to the mother to protect their children, widowed women in search of consolation, everyone who bears the name Olga, of which the icon is the patron Saint. Pray before it and for increased faith, wisdom and peace.

Prayer before the image

“Holy equal to the apostles Princess Olga! Your services running in your submission. Protectress of the human race, totalitarnych sorrows and our afflictions. Do not forsake us in our hour of sorrow and doubt, cover us with your protection so abhor from us despondency. Stand up for our Chad, that did not know the troubles they did not turn from the path of truth, God’s light illuminated. Strengthen our will but the faith of the righteous. Give me wisdom to act according to honor and justice, forgiving our enemies. Amen.”

Description of the icon

Equal to the apostles Princess Olga is traditionally portrayed in icons standing. In her right hand she has a cross, the symbol of the preaching of Christ that led all the saints equal to the apostles. In his left hand — a symbolic image of the temple. Another traditional image of St. Olga together with the equal to the apostles Prince Vladimir.

Day celebration

11 (24) July the Russian Orthodox Church remembers the apostles Princess Olga. On this day, everyone can pray to the image and open up to the Princess, which will surely help to cope with troubles and adversity.

Which temples are the icon of Princess Olga

In Russia there are many places where you can venerate the Holy image. The relics of Duchess is located in Moscow, in the Church of St. Nicholas. Flock there every year huge number of pilgrims paying homage to the memory of the Saint. Most famous are the following:

Parish of the Holy equal to the apostles Princess Olga in the village Patrushi, Sverdlovsk region;
The arrival in the village of Kalachevo in the Kemerovo region;
The Church of St. Nicholas in Pyzhi, Moscow;
The temple of Martyr Nikita, the city of Moscow.

The prayer before the image of Princess Olga will help everyone grow in faith and to drown your sorrows. Through prayer we can open the soul to a Higher power, ask for the remission of sins and begin a new, righteous life.