The Icon Of St. Seraphim Of Sarov

In Orthodoxy there is a large number of different icons. Each of them has a unique story and value that cannot be overestimated.

One of the most common and well-known icons is the image of St. Seraphim of Sarov. Holy made a huge contribution to the establishment of the Christian faith. During his lifetime he helped many people, and in our day for prayer to St. Seraphim the magic happens. Pray to St. Seraphim of Sarov before his icon to get rid of illnesses and to strengthen their faith in the Lord.

History of the icon

The first icon dedicated to the Saint, was written immediately after the death of the elder Seraphim, who lived in the monastery and he saw people every day, saving them from health problems, helping advice. Saint was distinguished by great righteousness, and mercy, and therefore became an example for all future generations of Christians.

The Holy died in 1833, so the first icons began to appear around the same time. New icon of St. Seraphim, including the biggest of them, was written in 1903 after Nicholas II was the initiator of the canonization of St. Seraphim of Sarov.

Description of the icon

On the icons is depicted as a Holy man, or on a belt. His right hand is raised and fingers crossed. He seems to be the sign of the cross blesses everyone who looks at this icon. Second hand Seraphim holds a cross.

Where is the icon

This image was and is a required symbol not only at home but also in the temple. Virtually no churches where you would not have found this way. One of the most ancient icons is still in the Sarov monastery in the Tambov region.

What helps icon

During the life of Seraphim helped people to get rid of problems of various kinds. That is why the icon can be put anywhere, because it is universal. They will save marriage, and children repent, and health added. To pray in front of it whenever you want — no precise guidance from the Church about this no. You can read the Lord’s prayer or the creed.

January 15 — the day of the death of St. Seraphim of Sarov, which is the day of his veneration.
August 1 — the day of the uncovering of the relics of the Saint.

These days you can read a special prayer, dedicated to the man who dedicated his life to helping people, spreading and strengthening faith.

Prayer before the icon

“O our venerable father Seraphim! Lift up your good prayers for us to the Lord that he gave us all the benefits in this life and all that the salvation of the soul will help, he shielded us from all sorts of sins and true repentance taught us that helped us to enter the Kingdom of heaven where you now reside, and sing with all the saints of the Holy Trinity forever and ever. Amen.”

Live according to Christian commandments, and praying every day, regardless of all good or bad. Learn to thank God for given you bright days.