The Icon Of Saint Tikhon Of Zadonsk

Icon of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk is known for numerous healings of physical and spiritual ailments. To this day, any prayer next to the Holy face sure gets a response.

The great St. Tikhon Zadonsky was distinguished by his fervent love for the Lord. He lived in violent times of the 18th century, when lifestyles are very different from those familiar to us now. But his creations and the works in those days, when people were blinded by unbelief and madness, kindled warm love and ardent faith in the hearts of each person. To this day prayers to the theologian Tikhon, has not lost its power and help in healing depression, alcoholism, mental insanity.

History of the icon

Image of Bishop of the Saint was written during the lifetime of the associate Church. The reason for such hot love has performed the righteousness of Tikhon, his Holiness and the high priests. Contemporaries of the Saint, regardless of marital status wish to have in your home intravital portraits of the Bishop, because he saw in him the radiance of true righteousness and humble comprehension of the depths of faith and love to the Lord. Tikhon also not very fond of posing, considering so much undeserved worship. Artists had to contrive and write it in secret, while the Bishop was engaged in daily Affairs.

Bishop Tikhon had the gift of foresight, able to read the thoughts of the interlocutors differed among all the saints the ability to perform divine miracles. His predictions include bright events in the life of Alexander I, particularly the collapse of Napoleon and the liberation of the Russian lands.

The Saint loved to converse with the common people, consoling and helping in everything. Sacrifice and intercession before the Lord knew no bounds: for every Holy soul who came and offered up fervent prayers to Heaven, asking for the intercession of the Supreme, and then was showered with money. The death of the great Bishop in 1783 to August 13.

And now, after exactly 63 years there have been the acquisition of the imperishable relics of the elder, followed by numerous healings. The image of St. Tikhon was removed from the relics of the late Saint. This was done because of the many differences in the iconographic interpretation of a sacred image. The icons of Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk was countless. And to determine the time of their origin, authorship, and accuracy of the image of the Holy ascetic was quite difficult.

Where is the image of Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk

The image of the Saint and ascetic of the Orthodox Church can be found in many Russian churches. Hot love the men forced them to write life portraits of Church enlightener Tikhon. But the main place of worship, attracting pilgrims from all countries, is the town of Zadonsk, where bogomolny spent the last days of his righteous life. The old man was buried under the altar in the Cathedral of Zadonsky monastery.

In 1861 relics of Saint Tikhon was open. In Zadonsk came countless pilgrims, so as to feel the blessed help of the Saint. The eyewitnesses of the events report that every sick person was healed: the blind saw, the lame weak and the deaf to hear again.

Description of the icon

Image Tikhon appears before the viewer’s eyes are mostly on the belt, but there are spellings of the Saint in full length. Body covers Tikhon Bishop’s vestments, demonstrating the Holiness and Church of San.

Left hand bogomolny holds the scepter, while the right sends blessing to every praying soul. Also on the icon is the imperishable relics, placed in a reliquary in the bottom right corner. That is why icon appears even more gracious help. Lists Lika decided to do similar to a real original, so variations of the Holy image, no visible differences.

What helps the icon of St. Tikhon

Healing near blessed image of St. Tikhon never cease to amaze and inspire faith in anyone with the last hope turns to bogomolnikov in the prayer request. Icon heal panic attacks, riot, frightening visions, depression, drunkenness, mental disorder.

People’s memory known cases of gracious aid blind and completely blind people whose illnesses disappear after they pray beside the image of pure and righteous Tikhon. Prayer request to the Saint to heal even from cholera, paralysis and epilepsy.

The Holy image will help everyone to overcome and get rid of prolonged illness, neglected and complicated cases.

Prayer before the icon of Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk

“Oh, Holy Followers Of God, Tikhon! Having lived on the earth a righteous life, you glorified your existence forever. We believe to be true in Your petition before the Lord God of our imminent salvation. You’re a zealous helper of every soul. Accept our prayer and turn not away in a difficult time. More than ever we need Your protection and intercession from evil thoughts, slander and dark. Save us from disbelief, anger and demonic captivity. Have mercy, swift to help the henchman of God, because only Your application will add to the grace of God to unworthy and sinful servants of God (names). Heal by his gracious help of the disease the protracted but the soul corruptible. Let the tears of joy will dissolve the stone prisoner our sins, and rid us from the pangs of hell and fire the devil. Give to righteous men, knees bent in front of you, peace and salvation, the health, the Holiness and purity of the angel. With all angels and all saints Cathedral hail the Great Tikhon. Praised be Thy name and the name of the Father, Son, and Holy spirit. Amen.”

The day of worship falls on August 13. Henchman of God distinguished the righteous life and was elevated to sainthood. His life and position were not blackened his soul, but instead made a great and beloved Saint of the Lord. May his intercession will help you to cure to get rid of addictions. We wish you peace in your soul. Take care of yourselfI