The icon of “Faith, Hope, Love and their Mother Sofia”

In Orthodoxy and Christianity in General have many icons dedicated to the virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, but there are a number of images created in honor of the saints and great martyrs.

There are a huge number of icons that should be in your home. This does not mean that you need to buy them all at once. You need to find only those that are closest to you in spirit and meaning, because every icon and protects from something and that something gives you.

The history and meaning of the icon

Faith, Hope and love are the three little girls, and Sofia their mother. They lived in peace and tranquility, but it was the second century of our era, so everywhere was spread paganism. This belief was the main, therefore, the rulers of countries and States do not simply skeptical and negative attitude to Christianity.

The family of Sofia was one of them. The father of the girls had, so they lived four. Before the Emperor heard a rumour about the family, so he decided to influence girls. First, the family was brought to Rome to force them to renounce Christ. When this did not happen, the angry ruler by force tried to force the woman and her children to move to the side of paganism. It was torture, but they forced the family to withdraw from the faith. Girls Sophia was beheaded, and the woman released that was the worst punishment for her.

She saw the death of their children, and burying them, remained in their graves. A few days later the Lord took her to himself. Later, the girls were canonized. The same thing happened with their mother. Since then, faith, hope and love have become the three pillars of Christianity, the virtues.

Description of the icon

Because it is difficult to find the original icon, made only to follow the rule according to which in the foreground are the daughters of St. Sophia: first Faith, then Love, then Hope, from left to right. Behind mother and hugging one or two girls. A little Love is usually in the middle and often portrayed bowed his head to Hope, although older versions girls can be imaged in approximately the same age.

There are options when Martyr standing before the pagan Emperor, and behind them his servants armed with spears or swords. In any case, all these icons are identical in meaning.

Here are the basic types of execution icons:

What helps icon

Any of these images will be a good gift for mother’s day, Nativity of the virgin, as well as any other holiday, dedicated to the Mother of God. Every mother should have at home such icon, as it helps not to lose faith in yourself and your strength helps find the right way of raising children. This is a wonderful amulet against all evil, from enemies and difficulties of life.

Prayer before the icon

Prayers are best read before the icon “Symbol of faith”, “mother of God, virgin, rejoice” and any other prayer that is devoted to the patroness. It is believed that Sophia and her daughters constantly pray that every mother in our world have not lost their children. You pray before this icon that everything in your life was good to the health of your children and yourself for their education.

The celebration of the

It’s a great icon, which is almost 2000 years old. Treat it as something very important in your life. Try placing it in the bedroom, in a quiet area, close to the place where you sleep. The celebration of the icon — any day of the angel for Sophia, Hope, love and Faith. Specific day of celebration, unfortunately, no.

Churches and monasteries in the Holy places of Russia do not have the data icons in the main, but you can try to buy the icons in all the churches. In Orthodoxy saints are deeply revered in the Church of Love, Faith and Hope, so this way will be very useful in an Orthodox home.