The Icon Of Alexander Svirsky

Icon of Saint Alexander Svirsky — a unique Orthodox culture. The face of the Saint in the first history was written with the imperishable relics, which are preserved so well that the icon seemed to be written with a live person.

The icon of Alexander Svirsky has the honor and great fame among the Christian people. He’s one of the few people to whom was the Lord in all three forms. The Saint’s relics were revealed to the world a huge number of wonders. After gaining imperishable remains, they exuded the divine light, the face of the deceased Prelate has been preserved unchanged, as in life. Scientists still can’t explain scientifically what happened, and the believers assign this event exclusively to the wonders of the Lord. Later the relics were painted icon of Alexander Svirsky, who made many miracles to this day famous for its miraculous properties.

History of the icon

The icon was painted with the relics of the Saint, which, to the surprise of scientists, over time, did not succumb to any external destructions. Alexander Svirsky was born in a family of peasants, in the village of Mandera, located near the river Svir. Since childhood he became interested in religion, study of sacred books and chat with the monks. He is not particularly proficient in learning, even from an early age knew his destiny.

While still young, the monk secretly left their homes and went to Valaam, where at the age of 26, he took monastic vows. He soon left the monastery, rushing to a remote island, where long lived in the cave all alone. Now this place is Svyatoostrovsky monastery and the Alexander Nevsky monastery Retinue. The righteous strictly fasted and prayed tirelessly. 7 years spent in the Holy caves, and then returned to his native land, where also lived the ascetic and ate grass. After returning home, Alexander Svirsky has suffered a multitude of serious illnesses. According to him, in front of him one day an angel appeared in the way of a pilgrim and the monk cured from all the ailments disappeared.

Alexander led a righteous life. He trained many monks, were an example for all Christians, came to him for advice Ivan the terrible himself. The righteous became the illuminator of the Novgorod lands, where he was born. He compelled the people living in his native land, faith and love for God, opening to them the spirituality.

During the life of the Saint renounced all worldly goods, being content only with spirituality and love for God. The life of Alexander the Retinue was difficult, he lived in harsh conditions. However, for all the trials he commended: Alexander is the only one of Russian saints, who were granted to see the Holy Trinity. All three forms of the Lord descended before him. The Saint was led with Him, and that Trinity Alexander Svirsky pointed out where to build the temple.

Where is the miraculous image

At present the icon of St. Alexander Svirsky can be found in many temples in various cities of Russia. Genuine relic, and the relics of the righteous are kept in the Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky male monastery. Equally important are the lists adorn the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Church of St. Alexander Svirsky in Moscow.

Description of the icon

As the first image written in the relics of Alexander Svirsky, the icon the Saint is shown lying on the belt. His body covers the attire of a monk. Right-hand Saint gives his blessing and the other holding a manuscript. In our days there are many icons of Alexander Svirsky which have a different image of the Saint. You can find the icon, where the righteous is depicted at the moment when he descended the Holy Trinity.

What helps the image of Alexander Svirsky

Saint Alexander Svirsky was a devout follower of the Christian faith, therefore, in the presence of his people making their prayers for increased faith and love for the Lord. Priests and monks pray before the Shrine of Alexander Svirsky, asking for support and patronage towards a spiritual life. The Orthodox people are turning to the ranks of the Holy in the critical and serious few days of life, to the Saint supported and helped not to lose faith and survive the bad times.

As mother and father of Alexander Svirsky very long time could not conceive a child, they prayed to God, asking him to give them a child. That is why many people from all over the world pray before the Holy face of the Lord granted them a child. Women who could not have children, after the hot and sincere prayer to the Martyr finds his happiness.

Holy helps to get rid of painful diseases of body and soul, to find yourself, to find the true path. Alexander Svirsky helps in making serious decisions, on which depends future life.

The celebration of the icon

The celebration and veneration of the icon of the Holy Martyr Alexander and the Retinue are held twice a year. The first date is on the 30 (17 old style) APR. The second date, when Christians give homage to the righteous Alexander, falls on September 12.

Prayer before the image of Alexander Svirsky

“Oh, Holy Alexander, an angel in heaven I worship you, before the Holy Trinity, before the Holy mother of God, and before all the Saints that in heaven God’s with you. Their prayers ask for your support and blessings. Only you are able to give faith and strengthen me righteousness and obedience. Please don’t let the forces leave me, and let me walk your way to the end in righteousness and piety. Gird me with faith and genuine love to our Lord. Put on the right path to spirituality, because after his death I go to Heaven to the Father. Pray, become a defender of my and to save from suffering the emotional. Our Holy Lord to let go of my sins voluntary and involuntary, Yes I will praise your name and worship you will be, the Holy Martyr, to the end of my days. I sing and I praise the Holy Trinity, the mother of the Son of God, the virgin Mary and your name, sir Alexander, advocate and preacher of the Christian faith! Praise and worship you, now and forevermore. Amen.”

Not words are important when addresses to the saints, and the sincerity of your prayers, thoughts and faith. Ask for help and the patronage of Alexander Svirsky from the heart and from the heart. Then your words will be heard, and the Holy will help you and support her. We wish you good faith. Be happy