The husband of tori spelling can go to jail

Mary Jo Eustis, first wife, current wife, Hollywood actress tori spelling Dean McDermott, sued him in court and requires the court to recover from him alimony due her son. If next week the husband of a star of the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” do not pay it, you’ll go to jail.

Recall that only last week became aware of the fact that Dean and tori in fifth time became the parents, their son was born. For fifty years Macdermott this child was the sixth, but his first son Jack, who is at least eighteen years old, Dean, seem to have forgotten.
“He just stopped to pay the money for the son. At the same time, he lives in a rented house worth two million” — wrote in documents Eustis. Judge Colin Lenz gave the former spouse a chance for an amicable solution to this problem, however, if Dean doesn’t find the money until Tuesday, you can go to places not so remote.
During the meeting Macdermott was visibly nervous and asked to enter his position. The man said that going through difficult times – birth of a child, the cost of maintaining four other children and all that. However, his ex-wife Dina is not touched – she thinks that her son deserves a good relationship and a good school.
Recall that tori and Dean have a duty in more than two hundred thousand dollars. Spelling’s mother candy, who inherited three hundred million dollars of her husband Aaron Spelling after his death and did not share with his favorite daughter, pays for the rented house of his daughter and the education of his grandchildren. It is not excluded that candy this time will help his only child and will protect the son-in-law from prison. Find out on Tuesday.

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