The house of the sisters Zaitsevs robbed in Cyprus

Not so long ago singer Yelena and Tatyana Zaytsev suffered a great loss under the wheels of a train killed their General, the son (the twins are all for two, the son was no exception).

Now performers are ambushed by a new enemy. This time the actress seriously affected financially – their home in Limassol was robbed.

At the time of the crime Zaitsev was not in the house because the thieves were free to take away everything that attracted their eye.

About how the theft occurred, says Tatyana Zaitseva.

As recognized by the woman, once in her home, she knew immediately that there was something out of the ordinary, because the house lights were on. The singer began to knock on neighbors, but never opened, though they were at home. The only correct solution here was to call the police. What Tatiana did.

Police arrived 10 minutes later and began to act like they are the stars of Thriller.

“The officers came in the house as in the movie, with guns and in full combat readiness, as no one could know what’s inside. After the room is checked out, with me left several police officers on the night as the front door was broken, the whole house upside down…” — says the observations of Zaitseva.

“Stole a lot of money — says Zaitsev. They were postponed to the next salary of the employees of our restaurant. Took three watches. husband, my wrist watch with diamonds and, most ridiculous, dragged even the perfume I bought at the airport”. However, Tatiana adds that her stash was still intact.

“Most likely, they worked on a tip. Last time in Cyprus was very dangerous. They say there are gangs of immigrants, the locals are afraid. Here we caught. I advise all travelers to keep abreast and to be careful,” warns Zaitsev.


Source: starhit.ru
Photo: starhit.ru

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