“The house-2”, the latest news on 4.08.17: fighting participants, care Rapunzle and Victoria romanet against the haters

The TV project “Dom-2” does not cease to amaze its audience with new scandals and unexpected departures of couples do not give to forget about yourself and former members of telestroke. First and foremost the audience interested in the situation with frequent fights at the Perimeter. This will be the main topic for discussion at the next show “Showdown”. An expert in this matter by the ex-participant of “House-2” Anastasiya Lisova.

The vote in the “House-2” again a candidate for expulsion was Maria Kohno. In the end, the girl agreed to build a relationship with any man just to stay in the walls of the show. By decision of the participants left the Perimeter Aida Babayeva.

Olga Rapunzel does not want to calm down, she made a new statement on his departure from “House-2”. According to the girl, this decision was taken by Dmitry Dmitriyenko, and the main reason for this step was the attitude of the project participants. They tried to stop a couple become a model family and have a baby.
Victoria romanet, former participant of “House-2” also does not wish to abandon fame and fueled public interest in own person, waging war with the haters. This time it reached the absurd — antiphonary signed a formal petition with a proposal to deport the girl from Russia.

In the network appeared the photo of Oleg Miami, in bed where users saw Katya Zhuzha. It is not yet clear spun if a leading “House-2” affair with ex-participant, MLM is just a mutual publicity.

Marina Afrikantov waiting on the draft for a true love from America. Rumors about the secret groom-the foreigner has allowed the girl’s mother Tatyana Vladimirovna. According to her, the man will soon take the participant “Houses-2” project and take to yourself.