The hole on the body of Rita Ovsyannikova interested viewers of the TV show

It is likely that it was after these representations, the audience cringed, noticing the strange hole in the armpit of the girl. Many, appreciating the photo, was confused, and not understanding for yourself where on the body at Rita’s could take similar. Although the nature of this phenomenon was a mystery, all followers hastened to make an assumption about the nature of the hole, writes the site life-dom2.su.

According to some, this track could be from the mammoplasty, in the event that the girl implant inserted through the armpit. However it is not excluded that it is not in plastic surgery. For example, Ovsyannikova can overdo it with photoshop to look thinner, but due to their own negligence failed.

“Simon’s always sour face, is the most cheerful girl in the project, and all the unhappy, always complaining and crying”, “Maybe just the usual play of light and nothing more?” – wrote fans telestroke.