The highest paid actress named Jennifer Lawrence

The highest paid actress named Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence remains the leader in the income list of Forbes.

Jennifer Lawrence is the second consecutive year, remains the leader of the Forbes list of Actresses with the highest incomes. The star of “the hunger games” ahead of the Melissa McCarthy and Scarlett Johansson.

The income of Lawrence is $46 million to six million in less than a year ago. A large part of the earnings came at the fee for the final part of “the hunger games”, plus the upcoming “Passengers”.

Scarlett Johansson lost one line and $10 million compared to the year-ago result of $25 million.

The greatest progress was made by Melissa McCarthy. Main Hollywood comedienne of the moment climbed to second place, earned for the year $33 million revenue Growth was 43.5%, an absolute record among the defendants in the list.

The top 10 are two Actresses working outside the “factory of dreams” — Chinese superstar Bingbing Fan (it’s her second hit in the top ten) and bollywood diva Deepika Padukon.

Top ten Actresses with the highest income according to Forbes is:
1. Jennifer Lawrence — $46 million
2. Melissa McCarthy — $33 million
3. Scarlett Johansson — $25 million
4. Jennifer aniston — $21 million
5. Bingbing Fan — $17 million
6. Charlize Theron — $16.5 million
7. Amy Adams — $13.5 million
8. Julia Roberts — $12 million
9. Mila kunis — $11 million
10. Deepika Padukon — $10 million


Source and photo: kinomania.ru