The heir to the Fiat Empire, Lapo Elkann arrested on suspicion of fraud

Detective story, the Central character of which was the heir to the Fiat Empire, Lapo Elkann, occurred recently in new York. 39-year-old businessman and heir to a fortune and the automaker was arrested today in the Big Apple. He was charged with fraud and staging their own abductions.

This weekend, as it turned out, Lapo spent in the company of men-transgender, drank alcohol and used drugs. When the celebration of life ended and for the pleasure we had to pay, it turned out that credit cards Alkanna blocked, and he doesn’t have enough cash. That had cleared up to the Italian to figure out how to get out. He didn’t know any better than to call relatives and say that a woman kidnapped him and threatened to kill him if the relatives of a millionaire will not pay the ransom. They immediately contacted the NYPD.
Law enforcement officers detained the first transgender, much fun in the company Lapo, and then was arrested himself “kidnapped.” Now it is suspected of staging own abduction with the aim of obtaining cash.
By the way, these parties for Alcana not the first time climbs sideways. So, in 2005 he almost died of an overdose of drugs. Then he was in the company of men-transgender. And last year unknown blackmailed Lapo photographs, which he uses drugs and is captured in candid poses. He paid the ransom and contacted police, extortionists were arrested.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo: http://www.spletnik.ru

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