The health of the child Olga Rapunzel bothered many fans of “House 2”

However, despite the fact that her almost daily sick, Rapunzel did not see anything strange, what can be said about fans of the “House 2”, which is seriously concerned for the health of her baby. Moreover, the reason for the concern is very serious. It is no secret that the toxicity occurring in the last months is not the best way affects the condition of the baby, says the site life-dom2.su.

Often in such cases can be triggered by premature birth. Olga indifference to their own health and the health of the child, can not disturb viewers. However, if, and in this there is little doubt there is no baby, the behavior of Rapunzel is quite logical.

“I have the feeling that she herself comes up with these toxicoses for the game on camera. Only if she looks turned in her direction. Yes, and pretend to be dying so she is very beneficial, presses on the universal pity and so Dimachki in the brains ingrained guilt complex” – wrote the fans of the youth show.