The head of the Central Department store faces Anna Khilkevich court for fake handbags Dolce&Gabbana

The social network has become the place where we can share details of their lives, to share their joys and sorrows, successes and failures. But often you have to be careful with words because they can be the basis for trial. Soon it threatens the star of “Univer” Anna Khilkevich.

The reason may be the post of the actress, which she did in Instagram. In his microblog recently, having said that in the TSUM store authorized dealer of Dolce&Gabbana, she acquired the bag, which in her opinion was a fake: “I recently Went to this “shop”, freaked out and bought a beautiful, expensive bag DG from the new collection… Came home, unpacked and then I immediately broke the chain on it!!!)) I think, well how is that?? Good quality, far from expensive handbag and immediately break?!(( went the next day, and wanted to exchange, but another second they appeared, it was suggested that to pass and request a new one. Well, I left it. It took 2 weeks, no one called Me. I’m restless, I went to another DG store, where I also found…. Asked the girl to bring me this model from Paris, I think there is something just find, maybe there will be cheap, but when the girl came to the boutique, told her that such bags are, in principle, and there was not!!! There is a similar, but still it is in another color in a smaller size… So, the conclusion I made this — even the cum does not shun fakes for 140 thousand! And you “brands-brands”.

Unnoticed complaint, having left. The Director Cum Vice-President of company Mercury Alla werber, upon learning of the situation stated that it intends to sue the actress because her accusations are groundless: “is She crazy? If she said so, I’ll be with her to sue. Is in TsUMe impossible. If it bags handle was broken, so she inadvertently treated her. We are the direct distributors of Dolce&Gabbana, we’re number 1. Everyone knows that the corner of Dolce&Gabbana in Moscow — the best in the world. Some of the products that we have not even presented in the Italian boutiques. I’ll talk to her, I think she will apologize in front of everyone. I will say that she’s just young, stupid and made a mistake.”

A dialogue with the representative of the company Anna Mercury agreed. Again by the post in Instagram, having said that, if it proves that the bag she purchased is not fake, she will apologize and take back his words: “a few hours ago, I received a call from one of the chapters Store. The purpose of this “visit” was kindly asked to remove the post and write what I groundless denigrate the store, because this bag is not fake and that such a model actually exists in the collection of the DG added that I just do not understand the fashion business)) so I’m not saying that I’m a connoisseur of the latest collections of this designer)) I’m just a regular guy who got into this situation) of course, any thing any brand can break, from it nobody is insured. But the point is here is another… In General, we agreed on the following: in the near future a photograph of the ill-fated bags will be sent to the famous designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico( heard the latest news from the front….), they will publish it on the website( because my question is why this model is not on the website, I was told that not all bags are available on the website) and then I will write a retraction and say that was wrong, slandered the largest trading house???????? of course, if that happens, I promise I will publicly take back his words!”

Source: intermedia.ru, instagram.com
Photo: instagram.com

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