The guy psychics Ilona Novoselova spoke about the death of the beloved

Boyfriend, stars 6 and 7 seasons of a mystical show of channel TNT “Battle of psychics” 30-year-old avoideda Ilona Novoselova, Artem Devils told his version of the death of the beloved. This young man came to the Studio of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”. Demons had shared details of the last day of Ilona and assumed that’s why could happen a tragedy.

The death of the psychics Ilona Novoselova, which fell out of the window of his apartment and crashed on the visor of the dental clinic under the house, came as a surprise to everyone. Many fans avoideda still don’t believe in the death of his idol as a young girl could fall from the sixth floor, whether it was suicide or there was a fatal accident. Find out the details of the death of Ilona Novoselova decided presenter of the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov.
First came to the Studio colleague of the deceased Vlad Kadoni. He said that he knew Ilona. Kadono claimed Novoselova foresaw his impending death and was ready for it. According to the MAG, the deceased was suffering from financial problems because the techniques did not bring much income. Psychic grass online, and it complicated her life.
Following the Studio came the mother of Ilona Novoselova Elena. In the eyes of women of her own daughter fell out of a window. At this time Elena Novoselova was in the next room and do your business. The woman was hard to talk about their loss. However, she remembered the day when her daughter was lost.
Elena said that on that fateful day she was with Ilona in the apartment. At first they sat in the kitchen, and then a woman walked into the room. After a while she heard a strange sound – when I realized it, the daughter was already lying on the ground. The mother said that she had not talked about death and going to live a long time.
As it turned out, the apartment at the time of the fall of the psychic was a young man Ilona Artem Devils. Boyfriend Andrei Malakhov said that he had met with novoselovoy for two years. According to him, the girl he met online. Initially, the guy wasn’t going to have a relationship with avovida, but after he moved to Moscow between them spun a whirlwind romance. The first time, Demons lived in the apartment Ilona.
Artem completely restored last day of his beloved. On the morning of the fateful day she woke up in a bad mood and said that it hurts the soul. Artem reassured her. But later they quarreled, and Devils, collecting things in a suitcase, left the apartment to cool off and to teach the girl. Then the young man came back to discuss the issues and make up. When Ilona Novoselova fell out of the window Devils were in the other room with her mother. The fall guy is not seen. He suggested that it was an accident, and the girl just slipped.
Artem has denied the information that the psychic was drunk. According to him, she drank in the morning only two bottles of beer.

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