The groom Kylie Minogue said about sex with his fiancée

In the autumn of last year it became known that Australian singer Kylie Minogue had an affair with a young actor who’s almost twice her age.

The chosen star became a 28-year-old Joshua Sasse, has not yet declared loudly about himself in the cinema world.

Roman couple, seemed not to last long, because when after only a few months relationship, the actor made the singer a proposal of marriage and she accepted it, it became clear that these two were made for each other.

Still, the pair tried not to comment on their relationship. But for the Australian news site News.com.au Joshua made an exception and told about what his connection to Kylie.

Sasse said that he was tired of questions about how they started the affair with Minogue? “It’s hard to explain. I didn’t choose who you love. It just happened! I love her and all!” — said the actor. “Of course, she’s got a past, and I wasn’t born yesterday. And that, of course, creates certain difficulties in our relationship. But we both try to focus on the good…”

According to the young man, he is happy just because near Minogue: “For me to be in love means to feel that I really live. And my girlfriend helps me to feel it every day I love Kylie, but for me love is everything: the magic, inspiration and sex. And if I had only one last day on Earth, would rather spend it all with Kylie — naked, pursuing her love for nature…”

I wonder if Kylie shared these plans with her beloved?

Recall that the couples wedding was to be held this summer in Italy – a place that many celebrities choose this as the location where they are willing to say “Yes” to your second half.

Summer is coming to an end and Kylie and Joshua still went to the altar. Will be there at all wedding couples?”, — ask questions of her fans.

I hasten to reassure you will be wedding, but the bride and groom decided to make some changes.

NW magazine reports that Kylie wanted to get married in his native Australia, in Melbourne. The singer went to choose a specific venue.

“Kylie is most inclined to Church St. Paul’s Cathedral, built in Gothic style. However, the time for leisurely selection of the singer abound — the wedding was moved to the end of the year,” says the informant.

Bridesmaid Minogue chose your favorite Danny’s sister. Under the crown of Kylie will go in dress from Ralph and Russo.

This marriage will be both first, though, unlike his bride, Sassari. there is a child born in a relationship with Francesca Zini.


Source: 7days.ru
Photo: tatler.ru

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