The groom Alena Vodonaevoy told why in a hurry with the wedding – 24???

Alexey Komov, better known as DJ Kosinus, explained why in a hurry with the wedding of TV presenter Alena Vodonaevoy. According to the man, he met “the man she wants to spend the rest of my life”, writes StarHit.

As you know, the solemn ceremony of the Cosine and Vodonaevoy scheduled for September in St. Petersburg. Many fans and fans of the famous pair look forward to the solemn event, discussing details of a future event.

Not so long ago Alyona and Alex decided to give their first joint interview to the Russian press. Lovers told me that’ve known each other for four years, but began Dating only three months ago. According to Alexey, it took him only five weeks to propose to his sweetheart.

Alain Vodonaeva and Alexey Komov | Nalatty – family home! “It’s cool, it’s Mature, it means you’re ready to be responsible not like, and always” — says Alexei.

In turn Alain added that she wants to be with Alex, and the sacrament of marriage, according to the girls, it must be a bit of a mystery.