The granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth fell from his horse during a match in equestrian Polo

By the end of 2016, official representative of Buckingham Palace made a statement saying that the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II Zara Phillips is preparing for the second time become a mother. After just a few weeks was made a re-announcement, which said that unfortunately, the pregnancy failed. Then members of the Royal family appealed to the media asking them not to interfere in the private life of Zara and her husband Michael of you came out to respect their privacy and not to put pressure on the sore spot inappropriate questions.

Since then it has been almost a month. The family you came out did not appear anywhere and even missed the celebration of Christmas at the Royal estate in Sandringham.

Luckily Zara has managed to cope with grief and for the first time appeared in public. Zara, known for its sporting achievements, has decided to participate in the equestrian Polo match, held in Queensland(Australia). Perhaps in this day Zara was a little distracted during the game, she could not resist and fell from the horse to the ground. Mike you came out, a former professional Rugby player, was at this time in the cockpit of a commentator. Seeing that the wife managed not only to climb on their own, but to get back on the horse to continue the game, he proudly commented: “this is all Zara! She never gives up. Falls and rises again!” Fortunately, this incident did not cause serious damage to the health of the granddaughters of Queen.

We will remind, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth-class rider, the numerous winner of various competitions. Even at the Olympics in London she won the silver medal.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: News

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