The gay scene in “Beauty and the beast”for rental in Malaysia will remain untouched

La of songs do not throw it away. The disney musical will show the Malaysian public. It is noteworthy that the tape will show no change, despite the decision of the local sample. About this on his page on Twitter reported the representatives of the local cinemas Golden Screens Cinemas.

“”Beauty and the beast” approved for rental from March 30, without any cut scenes. Do retweet and enjoy!” — said in a statement.
Recall that the premiere in Malaysia was held on 16 March, but because of the character of a gay man local censors missed the tape. Only after a scene that seemed to promote homosexuality had been cut, the film was allowed into production. But then Disney without explanation canceled the premiere. Later the representative of the film company stated that they are not going in favor of anyone to cut scenes from the film.

Recall that in Malaysia homosexuality is a criminal offense, and because of censorship, the film could not avoid. However, the parties somehow managed to find a common language and the tape will come to the screen in the category of 13+, that is, the viewer is allowed to children accompanied by their parents.


Source: https://lenta.ru
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