The funeral of Chester Bennington took place in the USA: the singer was buried secretly

In Palos Verdes, California buried the lead singer of Linkin Park Chester Bennington.

The private ceremony was attended by several hundred people: the friends of the deceased and musicians. Earlier, the family of the Bennington refused a public funeral. Event security was provided by the police.

To carry out rock singer in the last path came many of his colleagues. In memory of the Bennington at the ceremony were recreated this scene with a full set of tools. To provide security at the funeral of police on duty.
Unfortunately, fans of the soloist Linkin Park was not allowed at the ceremony of farewell with him, as the family of Bennington wanted to avoid publicity. In memory of the musician on the day of his funeral, fans met worldwide.
Recall that the leader of the group Linkin Park Chester Bennington was found dead at his home near Los Angeles on July 20. The unexpected death of musician shocked his colleagues and fans.
Many of them drew attention to the fact that Bennington died on the birthday of his close drugadalat Soundgarden Chris Cornell, who also tragically passed away two months ago. ?????????Linkin fans of the Park believe that he just couldn’t cope with grief from the loss of a person close to him. However, some fans of the musician are sure that in a desperate move pushed him of the problems with alcohol and drugs, as well as a creative crisis.