The full moon on 6 September 2017

The full Moon is always a big event in the world of astrology. Lunar calendar will shed light on all the details of this important day. The advice of the astrologers will help you to get lucky and avoid trouble.

6 Sep can be considered as a very productive day. For many people this is a crucial moment in life. The reason for the small reduction in the negative background of the most active of the moon lies in its stay in Pisces. Such a Union is most useful in order to avoid all the difficulties of the full moon.

The positive side of the full moon on 6 September

Boost your energy and improve your health going water treatment and timely rest. This day is good for long-term planning in order to decorate your life with bright moments.

Try to change the situation, work on your appearance and just deal with topical problems. Enough to fray nerves — it’s time to think seriously about what lies ahead of you. Plan your Affairs so as to protect themselves from unpleasant tasks in the future. September 6, you can delegate some of their responsibilities to other people, but need to be chosen carefully so as not to cause serious conflict. Allocate more time to diplomacy and negotiation. It is easiest at this full Moon just to listen to the other side and on the basis of the wishes of other people to do the relevant searches, insights, to make decisions.

6 Sep try not to overwork and not to be lazy. You’ll need a happy medium. This day in General is like walking on thin ice. Caution will not go amiss in any case.

These days people are usually able to quickly negotiate with each other, to make decisions instantly. Positive feature of this full moon — its creative origin. New businesses will have special potential. People can be much more honest than usual, so it will be easier to find out what they have in mind and how they treat you. Perhaps in friends and partners you will be able to see hidden enemies than win yourself.

The negative side of the full moon in September

Like any other full Moon coming will quite negatively affect the health of many people. Fatigue will be higher than usual, and its consequences — is worse. Life force should be replenished through proper nutrition. Do not drink alcohol 6 Sep.

Experiences can also increase, so try to concentrate on the positive. Forget about squabbles at work and troubles at home. Try how to relax and read a book or watch an interesting movie, if will do absolutely nothing.

The full moon will either drain you of energy and strength, or, conversely, forced to run it out randomly and continuously. The greatest number of quarrels falls on the full moon, but this time the situation is somewhat more favorable. This time most of the approaching conflict will be avoided. It’s enough of one party, that is you. Do not expect that someone will meet you — do it yourself, or the expectation of peace will destroy the bolt from the blue.

On this day there will be events notifying the change for the better or, on the contrary, telling you that it is time to slow down. Listen to the voice of the heart if the mind is clouded. Take the advice of reputable people like easy instructions. Follow them, analyzing the situation.