The full moon lunar Eclipse Aug 7: what is the danger of this day and how to avoid trouble

Lunar Eclipse and full moon on 7 August will affect all living things. This time, when a special energy wave will have the greatest impact not only on emotions but also on physical activity.

To protect yourself in this difficult period will help tips collected by experts of the website dailyhoro.ru. In the period of the full moon always marks the peak of accumulation of energy, which is to be realized. This is one of the full moon and lunar Eclipse. Energy of the moon in the constellation of Aquarius, will be ambiguous, so the strategy of behavior it is necessary to develop in advance.

What is dangerous on 7 August and how to avoid problems

A lunar Eclipse is fraught with negative thoughts and desires. During this period aggravated all feelings, which is why astrologers recommend to take all measures not to go on about momentary whims. On Monday, the probability of complications of relations, so important is diplomacy and benevolence. To avoid serious misunderstandings, and will help the privacy. However, alone with your thoughts you will be more susceptible to negative thoughts. To cope with this will help positive affirmations and your favorite hobby, which will add optimism and lift your spirits.

Active at work is welcome, but only one in which you are sure. This means that during a full moon, no need to start anything new. Astrologers recommend to use this time to complete current Affairs and conducting regular and familiar activities. Caution and thoughtfulness will help you avoid mistakes, and attitude for success will provide an opportunity to maintain the mood at the proper level.

In terms of health the day promises to be stable. Concerns will only cause diseases of the nervous system. To avoid troubles with health, it is important to pay attention to medications and exercises that calm the agitated nervous system. From insomnia and anxiety perfect pillow with herbs. Soft action allows you to sleep peacefully and to get rid of negative thoughts.

In the period of the Eclipse special attention should be paid to irritability, vulnerability and moodiness. These attitudes are negatively reflected on life in General. Selfishness can negatively affect business and personal spheres of life, so the need to compromise in this day will stand especially sharply.

In order to avoid worsening emotional and physical status, astrologers are encouraged to refrain from alcohol and other destructive substances. To review diet, eliminating fatty and trudnosmyvaemye food, preferring fresh fruit and vegetables.

On Monday the strong-willed people will be able to get rid of harmful addictions and habits. In order to giving up bad habits was easier than, it is important to channel the energy in active physical exercise, active rest in the fresh air and interaction with trusted people ready to help.

These guidelines will help you avoid temptations and stay in the ranks in such a difficult period. In order to eliminate the possibility of injury, be careful when handling traumatic objects: knives, fire, look down and try to avoid driving.