The full moon in Pisces: attract success and money with water

The full moon is an important astrological event. In September the full Moon will visit the constellation Pisces. From the point of view of astrologers, is the most profitable and the best position of the moon to attract good luck and prosperity.

During the full Moon, which will occur September 6, the Moon will be in a favourable Sign of Pisces. According to experts in the field of astrology, this is the best position of the moon. Negative background, which affects a large part of the population, will fall down due to such favorable Union. For many people this is a significant breakthrough in the material sphere of life. At the moment when the Orb of night will visit the Sign of the Water Element, the water will be a source of powerful energy that attracts good luck and prosperity.

Whispers on the water to attract money luck

Whispers in many ways reminiscent of the conspiracy, however, require much less effort. A magical ritual to bear fruit, you must wait until the full moon. When the lunar disc is fully lit up the sky, pour a glass of water. Put it on a windowsill for an hour. This is to ensure that the water is completely absorbed lunar power. An hour later, face the window from where better to see the full moon. Holding a glass of water, say in a low voice:

“Like the full Moon and full of happiness my glass to the brim. Lunar water will give me a new life, and I’ll be swimming in money and good luck.”

Water, over which you have whispered conspiracy, you must immediately drink.

There is another plot that helps to gain money luck. However, this ritual requires certain weather conditions. Most importantly, the clouds did not prevent the lunar light to enter your home through the Windows.

You’ll need a small container to be filled with running water and put him under the moon rays. Make sure that the night light was reflected in the water. Wait a few minutes and read the word hex:

“In the night, when the sky full Moon, I attract money luck. Wash water, in which it reflected and from me will come wealth and abundance”.

Rinse with this water and go straight to bed. Falling asleep, imagine how much money you have and like all your desires fulfilled.

Conspiracy money at the full Moon

Conspiracy money is to say near a window or mirror, which clearly shows a full moon. You’ll need a glass container with water that you put charged lunar energy, and a small coin. Standing in front of the water, take in the left hand a coin and loudly say the words conspiracy three times:

“While the water is charged with lunar energy, money are attracted to me. The full moon in Pisces will give me wealth, abundance and success. The water is now all the strength and power that will go to me.”

Throw in a bowl of water for a coin and leave it there for two hours. During this time, the coin will absorb the force of the moon and will become your personal cash mascot. This amulet must always keep near the money that his power only grew stronger and increased day by day.

Conspiracy for good luck during the full Moon

To attract good luck, a full Moon at midnight, dial deep container of warm water and leave it on the balcony under the rays of the moon. After 15 minutes put your hands into the liquid and looking up at the moon, say the conspiracy:

“Come barefoot and get away with luck. The full moon gave the water power and control that water will give me. All my dispute, all expect success and breakthrough. Luck is now inseparable to me. So be it.”

After reading the plot it is necessary to wash lunar water. Be sure: now, fortune will not desert you.

The full moon can completely deprive you luck and strength, if not to throw out the overflowing energy in the right direction. It is the conspiracies and whispers will help you use the lunar activity for their own benefit. To attract good luck and wealth will take a little bit — just desire and effort. Do not expect that the lunar energy will come towards you — try to catch her yourself. We wish you good mood, good luck and success. Be happys