The full moon in November 2017

Lunar calendar for over 6000 years. For a long time he was the best helper to search for luck. Such it remains, so try to consider the advice of astrologers on the most important day of the lunar month.

Many people think that full Moon is very dangerous, however it is not always the case. You can smile good luck and a full Moon, but can not carry on any other day. Whatever the predictions for the day, success depends on you. Change the fate is always possible but doesn’t always change easily. In the period of the full moon you need to be careful. In November 2017, the full Moon will be at the beginning of the month — 4 digits.

To be November 4, the Moon will be in Taurus. The full moon in this sign of the Zodiac makes the moon more creative and less dangerous. This is great news for anyone who wanted to spend Saturday to its fullest extent.

Love & relationships November 4

The most important sphere of life into the coming full Moon will be love. In love you can achieve positive results only with the help of diplomacy. It will touch not only those who have already found a soulmate, but those who still are in search of. The maximum activity of the moon means that there are problems with their emotions — people will be restless. Your task will be to reassure them and to help keep my composure. You have to work against the moon and its destructive beginning. You have to be creative.

In November the full Moon of any positive and negative will be remembered by people for a long time, so you have the chance to like someone very much or to become someone hateful. They themselves try to build relations from a position of “good or bad”. Appreciate the kind deeds of people, but do not demand them. Let loved ones and friends to come on this path.

New acquaintances will help you to overcome boredom, stress and depression, especially if you are in search of the second half. Luck will smile to those who open your heart to new feelings. Friendly astrologers also suggest to strengthen. Invite your guests to your home to get acquainted, to share secrets. Do not open important for you secrets to people you don’t much trust. To keep something a secret will be difficult in this day. Taurus and the full Moon will make people chatty.

Finance, business and work in the full Moon of November 4

Money Taurus, you will learn to count to see what can happen something bad, or rather, I will try to do it. The creative energy of Taurus, so you just need to trust his heart. The universe will not allow your failure in this day, but the full Moon may provoke you into actions that you will regret for a very long time.

This means that with the boss better not to make any contact and certainly not to promise anything to the higher ranks. Your words can put you in a financial grave and deprived the respect of colleagues, partners and enemies. As the sages say, your enemies must respect you, then they are not as dangerous as it seems. If you lose respect for these people, life will be much more difficult.

As for planning, it is also better to avoid. Taurus does not like to make plans — he loves to dream and realize dreams. You will need at this full Moon to focus on solving the most urgent and actual problems. No time to think about tomorrow, if problems tearing you today.

Of course, to arrange a business meeting or an appointment to the doctor is one thing, but to paint absolutely everything on the clock is not worth it. November 4, much will decide your inspiration. This day will be very successful for the representatives of creative professions, and also for individuals who prefer to work alone. If you are impulsive, then you definitely need to solve their problems with money and Affairs at work.

Mood and health on 4 November

Your mood will depend on you, although there will be many factors influencing it from outside. For example, can worsen some chronic diseases due to increased activity of the moon. Because of negligence you can get damaged anywhere: on the street, on the road, in the kitchen. Most of the injury is obtained during periods of full moon.

If you want nothing standing between you and successful execution of any task, try to eat properly and not to drink alcohol. Problems related to health, will be born only as a result of poor lifestyle.

This day will be good for a change of scenery and to change themselves. Try to visit a Barber if you’ve been wanting to do it. Change the image to become more happy. Do not sit in place — stay in constant motion in this full Moon.

Full Moon in Taurus should be a source of new opportunities, not problems. Be yourself, don’t be afraid of changes, because they have a life. Astrologers suggest to follow my heart on this day. Your thoughts are the only important thing at this time.