The full moon in August 2017

During the full moon all the feelings and aspirations of the person receive an additional energy boost. Increased lunar influence promises a period of new achievements and victories.

7 Aug 2017 at 21:13 Moscow time, people will be able to observe the full moon. Night star will be in the zodiac Aquarius, so the 15th lunar day will be marked with an energy confrontation. This period is quite controversial and is marked by the activation of the subconscious and a sharp impetus to new achievements. At this time it will be difficult to resist temptation, temptations and passions. Retrograde Neptune in Pisces is also of great importance: the day the universe provides the opportunity to deal with the accumulated negative and to determine the vector of its development.

When searching for a private purpose avoid reappraisal of personal capabilities. During a full moon people are prone to arrogance, self-love and actions to the detriment of himself and his principles.

Finance and career the full moon period

The seventh of August will be able to realize themselves in business, however, avoid hasty actions, and unnecessary risks. In the day of temptation, temptations and sins is a need for caution in conducting business. Do not trust the rumors, the advice of strangers and the media. The day is associated with the activation of secret ill-wishers and enemies.

Strengthening of the energy potential will be engaged in mental and creative activities. Encouraged creative solutions of a previously suspended task. With caution make remittances. From the remote payment should be eliminated. Not excluded financial difficulties, late payment, financial loss.

It is useful to educate ourselves and acquire new knowledge. Teamwork and organizational events promise to go without force majeure. Monday is under the patronage of the moon, luck goes hand in hand with failure. To avoid financial problems at this time, it is best to attract the capricious fortune.

Love and relationships according to the lunar calendar

Lunar activity arouses inner fears, complexes and indecision that has a direct impact on dealing with people. It is desirable at this time to carefully control the emotions and not to take it out on loved ones.

Convergence with a partner will give you increased sexual energy, which releases natural magnetism. Do not be surprised compliments and assertive behavior of the opposite sex. Single people can claim to love wins. However, an unexpected turn in his personal life can be both positive and negative. The events of that day directly depend on your reaction.

Monday is not conducive to abstract communication. Today you can observe a lot of fights and contradictions, which is replaced by bitter disappointment. Excited and keyed up emotionally day — not the best time to restore your old contacts. The path to peace will be closed, to reach a compromise will be almost impossible. Avoid contact with energy vampires and personalities, the unpleasant.

Emotions and health 7 August

In the period of the full moon you need to listen to the internal state. Deterioration of health, obsessive thoughts or exacerbation of chronic diseases — strong body of internal failure. It was during a full moon you can track the secret infirmities, quietly destroying you from the inside.

The seventh of August will be the apogee of lunar activity that will raise unmotivated outbursts of aggression, excessive impulsivity, and cravings for negative thinking. Pay attention to yourself, get more positive emotions, follow the internal state. Spiritual practice will give you tranquility and harmony.

To replenish spent energy in August will be hard enough. Therefore astrologers recommend to get rid of mental and physical stress. Your actions should be consistent, careful. It is advisable not to chase after the super-success and to engage in an open struggle. Wasted energy lost will be very difficult to fill over the next lunar month.

In the period of the full moon people can improve their own fate. Our ancestors used the lunar energy to their advantage by using ancient and effective rituals. Luck, financial independence and well-being can become your constant companions in this mysterious and powerful time. We wish you good mood and success. Be happy