The full moon in Aquarius: three money ritual water

During full moon the energy flows the strongest. You can use them in order to attract into your life financial well-being.

On Monday 7 August, the full Moon will take place along with the Eclipse. This would be the perfect time to engage in effective practices. Magic water and energy impulses that sends the constellation of Aquarius, this period will be able to help you achieve financial independence.

Raising money for water

In the evening it should be poured into a glass of clean water and put it on the window sill to let the light of the moon fell on the water. At midnight, the glass drop five coins, saying:

“The energy of the full moon use their wealth increase. Each coin their wealth increase”.

In the morning, “money water” to wash and the coin to put where you store your money. Each coin will bring you cash flow. A month later, the ritual can be repeated, and coins are best left to those who in need of money.

Cash rite on the water

In the evening pour into a bowl of water and make four boat. In each put money. Alternately push them from the edge of the basin, saying:

“Ships sent to the far country, a rich country. As merchants for the goods were sent, and my coins from me float away, acquire wealth, at the full moon depart from their native shores, the new Moon with full holds back”.

Leave the pelvis with the ships till morning, and then hide them in secluded places on the four sides of the world. They will impact with the energy flows of space and will attract to your house material abundance.

Money ritual candle

Prepare a small candle that can be spent on the water. Write a note about how much you money you need and what you are going to spend it. In the evening it should be light near a natural pond. Read aloud what is written on a piece of paper, then burn it over the candle flame. Place a candle in the water and slightly push. Say the word conspiracy:

“My wish in the wind scattered in all directions sent. Candle fire way paves, on the moon path the path starts. Get to the edge of the world, with the wealth will come back to me”.

Go home, put on the windowsill of the second candle, light it and say:

“A beacon for wealth and leave, under a full moon rite perform. The fire light of the moon road paving, monetary wealth the road to self identify”.

In the performance of these rituals requires full confidence in their actions. Clearly imagine the money that you want to possess, and constantly think about what you would like to spend it. The technique of realization of desires through the power of ideas, backed by energy pulses of the full moon, will help you realize your desires.