The fortune teller predicted Irina Bezrukovoj third marriage 24???

A fortune teller and expert Aida Martirosyan predicted the future of celebrity. According to her, Irina Bezrukova, famous Russian actress of theater and cinema, meet a new love, writes StarHit.

Irina Bezrukova visited the Studio of the program “the invisible Man”. The specialists found out what the actress seeking solace after the tragic events that occurred in her life. It turned out that the famous actress has managed to find the strength to move on.

Irina Bezrukova | Novostivmire

The actress reacted to the prediction of a fortune-teller, denying her statement. According to Irina, she doesn’t want to attract too much attention to his personal life.

“Irina was another marriage that awaits her in the future. The marriage will be civil, no wedding and formal procedures. This man is not here, another place,” predicted Aida.