The former wife of Alexander Malinin does not hide his numerous infidelity singer

Singer Olga Zarubina, former wife of Alexander Malinin, became a participant of the show Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. The actress told the public some details of her marriage to Alexander Malinin, and even passed a lie detector test, answering tricky questions of the presenter about his infidelities.

Zarubina, living in America, recently became a frequent guest on Russian television. The artist regularly takes part in various talk shows, such as “Let them talk” with Andrey Malakhov. Daughter of Olga and of Alexander on the transfer met for the first time with his father, but that meeting didn’t go well.

Now Zarubin came to the shooting of another TV show, but immediately warned the presenter Dmitry Shepelev, what if the Studio will see its first husband – she immediately leaves the transmission. Zarubin also admitted that he always knew Malinin completely indifferent to their common daughter Kyra.

The actress said that Malinin always on the first place was a career and my daughter was it is absolutely not necessary. Baby Alexander was last seen, when she was only nine months. Then Zarubina decided that the daughter with a father and not to communicate.

Then Olga agreed to be tested on a lie detector, talking openly about sensitive issues. The star of the ‘ 80s spoke about the edit. Zarubin reported that she, indeed, had Affairs on the side, even when she was married to Malinin. The singer says that she was, of course, other men. She believes that as a sign that change is necessary as much as possible.

Such statements of his ex-wife 58-year-old Malinin has not commented on and, most likely, to expect some response in this regard is not necessary. Artist a couple of years ago on the set of the TV show “Let them talk” openly showed his dislike for his ex-wife.