The former participant of the TV project “House 2” Alexander Goias gave some design secrets

Alexander decided not to remain silent and told him what is really going on behind the scenes of the TV show. For example, the girl confessed that her plans did not include returning to the Perimeter, however, after tempting offers from the organisers, she decided to change her mind. However, if you believe the words of Hosius, her Bones, and a few “returnees” humiliated during a talk show, and guests of city apartments had to apologize, the website life-dom2.su.

Sasha noted that after this to return to the perimeter and can be no question. Especially because lately the show has not the best times, and a change of leadership and stricter rules for participants are unable to change anything and is unlikely to ever change.

“In my opinion, currently the TV show is perhaps the weakest part of the participants for the last time, hope soon will be better” – was the opinion of the fans of “House 2”.